Lens Artists Photo Challenge #118 ~ Biasini Speaks About Communication ~ Get The Message ?

2016- At a small fast food restaurant in Bani Gala, Islamabad. My two grandsons Mir Rayyan Rabbani and Mir Abdullah Umar waiting for their order. What has caught their attention more? “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, shall we guess?

Mir Abdullah happy to get a break from his study time. Admiring a Kashmiri Culture item the ‘Kaangrri’ a small woven basket with a clay pot inside to hold burning coal pieces…a heating source in Winters in the extreme cold snowy regions of our lost homeland Kashmir (Indian Occupied) Now ‘Kaangrri’ is a museum item,precious and rare. The innocent inborn love being communicated is so evident here.This shot is now a family classic. Culture must be preserved.

What a coincidence.The third shot again features Abdullah Umar . Here I found him communicating with the leaves and branches.The children loved this house and this terrace was their favorite place and with time they were able to reach out and touch the trees. The house was sold in 2014 and we shifted to Islamabad from Rawalpindi. How time and space combined with captured images make unforgettable memories.

In the year 2012 I was unwell for many months. Had to stay with my daughter.This view kept me thinking for a long time.I could see the plants through the window as I lay resting on the bed. I felt the plants tried to communicate with me. I am not sure about the truth but what I understood was that I was a witness to a unique form of captivity…the other side of life…me inside the room, on the bed and there outside were plants pots and flower beds…

And the most Glorious Communication I always feel is the Love and Beauty of Nature. The majesty of colors, the infinite vastness of the boundless sky, the serenity of the landscape,the never tiring creative forms of clouds, merging and emerging, sailing, rumbling, flashing, manifesting the Power of the Almighty. “There are signs for those who observe and think and try to understand”

“Stay close to Nature and thou shalt not err”. Alexander Pope.

Thank you for another wonderful captivating thought provoking Challenge.

In Response to Lens Artist Amy’s Photo Challenge # 117~A Photo Walk ~ More of a Photo Drive ~

What a lovely challenge “A Photo Walk” . Highly inspired I searched my albums. Realized that a walk with a camera was no where to be found.What emerged was images taken while in a car on the road. Well,so it came to be a photo drive.

A road in the outskirts of the capital Islamabad blocked by large stones to prevent drivers from misusing it,spoiling it even before it is completed.Human tendency is to be impatient,take shortcuts and to do things in a hurry.

A brave flower seller
Another roadside brave Cotton Candy Seller
Turning towards the Northern Area road we find such scenes .A pleasing sight for the eyes just a slight break in the drive.

A different mountain scene with the moon sneaking up behind in the evening sky. A brief stop on a drive on the hills near home Bani Gala Islamabad.

Drive slow and enjoy the scenery – drive fast and join the scenery.
Douglas Horton

Dear Father love respect and prayers for you,today the 4th of October –

Today, in the days of world war, you were born in the beautiful Northern Areas of Pakistan,in a place called Gilgit. Grandfather a dedicated prominent educationist was Head Master of Gilgit High School. As I write it is the 5th and World Teacher’s Day, so a double tribute is due.

Father you were a gifted doctor with the blessing of healing power. The world is in the grip of a terrible virus,many young and old have fallen victim to it I know you would have bravely faced it and comforted your patients well.

Happy Birthday for you were a saviour, a healer loving caring head of family and a profound inspiration for the younger generation.Your faith was strong and it guided us too through times of pain and suffering. You were a brave soldier playing your part with the Allied army against the Japs and Germans in WW2. but lost our beautiful native land Kashmir…Allah gifted us a new country Pakistan and we were safe.

Father I know you are in heaven because you worked hard and strived for the best in faith and true action.

May you be in in peace and light with angels serving you Thank you for all your love care and guidance which makes our life easy and peaceful in this world.

For Lens Artists Photo Challenge # 114 ~ Negative Space ~Nothing Negative Everything Positive ~

Yet there is a special beauty in negative space. In response to Dear Friend Amy’s Challenge, I wish to share a few images from my albums. Hope they are worthy of the theme.

Grandson Mir Rafay enjoying the shade of the pines. The place Murree Hills abbout 30 miles from Islamabad Capital Territory. A tourist’s delight and popular picnic spot.Photo Credit Mahrukh Salman

Younger brother Mir Abdul Sami has his own way of enjoying the environment. Photo Credit Mahrukh Salman

A passing shot of the sunset while turning on a bridge.Negative space shows more of the road which gives depth to the horizon. I hope it matches the technique.

This tree suddenly caught my eye and luckily there was time enough to capture a shot.
Sometimes nature view reveals unique aspects of our amazing planet. My country has sea only on one side the rest of the 1000 miles are mountains river valleys and dry land. A shot from the main road captured a small un metaled road leading to some unknown village. The beauty of the forest on one side and the mysticism of the lone tree on the other.

Dear Nano,

9 March 2018
This beautiful writing diary a white fountain pen and an exquisite maroon and gold DK Pen gifted by my most loving son,made me feel grateful delighted excited and highly motivated to compose in words, poems and praises of the Almighty The Greatest Giver of All. Thank you son May Allah bless you with more aameen.

A letter written by my grandson Mir Rayyan Rabbani

to be remembered and treasured.

Kids you must write to your grandparents.They feel happy.

2020~ Pandemic Time Thoughts

cropped-img_20200125_075834.jpgAt first there was pandemic panic, a state of semi shock unseen dangers unknown fears , the world under attack, some said God’s Wrath has struck because humanity had almost disappeared, innocent people were  being suppressed raped and children bombed and killed, murderous deaths were rampant.Justice was denied delayed and ignored. The Corona virus  spreading  like wildfire sent people reeling  falling breathless dying on the
streets taking cover inside houses.Little did they know how long they would have to stay in lock down.

Then Covid -19 in loud silence put its foot down..STOP Just Stop.  The world stopped moving, the Earth,feeling lighter, continued to revolve,began to breathe, heavy smog cleared to reveal beautiful majestic mountain ranges and snow covered peaks in the Himalayan Regions and Northern Areas.

Did mankind show change in attitudes of pride and fearlessness? Perhaps not so much. Enjoyment pleasure filled activities hatred racism deception all seemed immune to Covid 19.

Earth’s trembling decreased.

I felt staying inside the house was more peaceful. I saw the early morning dawn break into glorious rays of bright light.I felt divinity around me.  I felt the silence the stillness the quietude.

I did not feel any fear.


For ~ Lens Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #108~ Sanctuary~ Imagining Serene Havens ~

Walking on a road like this has always brought peace to the soul.Whenever there are moments of stress, I take refuge among the trees.This is a road leading to our ancestral village Sabz Pir near the main city of Sialkot.The Jammu and Kashmir border is not far.


This is the beauty of Northern Pakistan.Pine forests are plenty but not enough.
Spending time among these peaceful forests calms and soothes the soul.


Home has always been sweet and safe. Home is the best sanctuary.Our ancestors honored the home as a sacred space which provided protection and peace. We too can reawaken this sense of spirit on our home, turning it into a sanctuary which can heal the body, calm the mind and soothe the soul. It’s simply a refuge, a sanctuary, a place that hugs us when we walk through the door. May the world be a peaceful sanctuary for the humanity Amen.


With all the beauty around my present sanctuary is here…Alhamdolilah.

With gratitude to the Almighty.


Pandemic Thoughts 2020 ~I Am Not Mourning

250 March 20, a date marked as the beginning of the pandemic lock down.It meant that everyone should stay indoors as outside were unseen deadly virus particles for which there is no vaccine nor medicine.Strangely within days many local medicines were reported as curing the fever cough but for breathing complications the affected needed to be hospitalized.

For me there was not much to worry about as the last three or four years life was a kind of lock down safe haven with peace and comfort away from the main humdrum of city life.

I knew my hobbies would help me pass the time.I decided to begin the long pending Quranic lessons on line.May Allah help to complete the study amen.

Family Tree also took shape more than 83 members joined the group and all four brothers families came together.Masha allah.

what happened to my Muse the writer in me became ill.Lost all inspiration after a few days.Initially wrote some poems and a couple of articles and that was all.
Analyzing the situation I found that whatever I was writing was not really beneficial for the common people.

My decision: Move away to write something worth reading
Only the Power of the Master can change the world.The world belongs to Him and we too are to serve pray and obey Him….

“La howla wala quwata illa billa.”O My Guardian Angel help me to see the right way and help me to do good,while there is time.”

Pandemic Memoirs~2020

Allah created a beautiful world and handed it as a supreme gift to mankind but
Alas! Mankind perhaps has tried to be Man King. This is a constantly changing world, migration displacement,wars,freedom,protests,human rights violations, racism?
Writing about Life, gratitude, family, beyond the normal and remembrance of the Supreme Creator, the purpose of this Blog has moved on in the form of stories,poems and anecdotes.

As miracles happen all the time, and nature speaks to us let us be grateful listeners and gather joyful learning memories that may sustain our spirits as we look back and read later on.


March the 20th marks the beginning of our lock down period.The following days were strange, fearful,anxious, scary and panic filled at times yet not intensely isolated due to the presence of digital contraptions,we were connected with the world, but the world was not connected with us.

In January we had sold our troubling car, it had given its lifetime service to our family.Walking to the nearby market for groceries was already the practice as if God was preparing us for the coming event.The only marked difference was that the atmosphere inside the house had an aroma of dettol disinfectant. Taking off shoes just inside the main entrance had become a forced conscious habit, previously totally ignored. Home felt like a neat clean home, as the slogan became common, “as safe as houses, as sweet as home”
With children married and living a retired life we were already in semi isolation and with the giving away of our personal car we were in a state of quarantine, though a willing one.

The holy month of fasting was peaceful and gave profound opportunity of prayer and meditation.

A grandson turned 14 and the occasion became the first “whatsapp” birthday-no hugs no gifts no cake, sad joy in safe distance.

For days I tried to write but I did not have the energy to tap my thoughts on the screen and preserve the strange moments. Today is the 12 of June 2020 , Day 72 of lock down, my soul and spirit has almost accepted the life of restriction, precaution and to do with whatever is available.

Another Pandemic Covid 19 gift for us is a pet African Grey Parrot which belongs to my daughter’s family. They went for a three week trip to USA when they returned the Corona virus had dug its claws and so Captain Parrot stayed on with us.

More to share,soon. Insha allah. Stay Safe Dear Friends.

For Lens-Artists Tina Schell’s Challenge #95 – ALL WET ~ And When It Rains ~

Rain is Nature’s Miracle and A Blessing
and He it is who sends down the rain...." Al Quran Islam, Muslim ...

What a beautiful challenge Tina Ji. I hope and pray that All my Lens Artist Friends are well and safe.May the world soon be free of this deadly virus and our dear precious planet be restored with all freshness nourishment and richness of all kinds for all life.amen

Water in all its forms is a profound blessing, when I discovered the challenge I immediately thought of ‘rain’. We live in the hilly Northern Areas of Pakistan where we have plenty of rain throughout the year. The concept of swimming is more in a man made water reservoir or a canal than a proper swimming pool which is a luxury in our society. That leaves the blessing of rain which is fully enjoyed  by children specially in the hot weather.
The first image is of children happily getting wet in the lane just outside our house in Rawalpindi City. I took the shot from the terrace and asked them to smile – my grand children sharing the fun with the neighbor’s kids.

                Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.     Bob Marley


The following images are of a roadside car wash. On way to the city of Sialkot we stopped to get a quick spray for our jeep.My husband and I sat inside the vehicle. It was a rare occasion to hear the powerful sound of the water touching the solid iron body.


sdr    dig


Last Year while returning from the Capital city of Islamabad we encountered a severe rain storm. The solid metaled roads did not disturb the traffic, but the heavy downpour made the drive cool and colorful. I clicked the mobile camera as we passed the main road. Sharing some results of that dark rainy night. It has become a ‘Night to Remember’ for we have not been able to make a trip to the capital since March due to the lock down.

Rain is grace; rain is the sky condescending to the earth; without rain,
there would be no life.                                 
John Updike





With profound gratitude to Almighty Allah for All His Blessings

CLOUDS BRING THE RAIN AS A BLESSING: Quran 78:14 | Siraat-e-Mustaqeem