For Lens -Artists Tina R Schell’s Challenge #90 ~ Distance ~ I Never Felt the Distance Before ~

Distance’ a concept close to my heart and soul, often the subject of my poetic expressions  touched the strings of the silent harp. In a time of forced distancing for survival one realizes the values of spaces in togetherness. I felt quite ‘distanced ‘ from My Lens -Artists Friends for reasons unavoidable, but I thought I must make an effort to join the link and lessen the virtual distance, wish well’ to my friends far away and send prayers of ‘ stay safe and stay protected’
My photographs from the archived albums are linked by one of my poems on ‘Distance’, I wrote these lines when my son left for UK for further studies and later to Denmark.

I never felt the distance before nor sensed the silence in the room


When love is true and distances long, no absence can ever break the bond;
And now I know,  how  love of nature divine  is, unfettered pure and fine,


How one so close, can be so far away,  no one can show, no one can wait
To stop and pat and wipe your tears away;


And now I know how   Allah  blesses us with His uncountable gifts
cowbird mountains
Why faith and peace is strong,
my dear, in distant land, you are with me, each day, short or long


Time moved on and time moves on
Time is just and fair, I know… I wake up with a start,
You are forever in my heart, your helmet heavy in your hand,
I see you, standing there.

May Allah bless All Children and keep them safe well fed and protected from all evil. amen.




About Cars ~ A Page from 1993 ~

The BeZine

It was in the year 1993 when newspapers and I mean news in paper, or to be more precise printed on paper, the Editor opened a debate “Should cars be banned from cities?. It was quite appealing and set me wondering.

The title and the invitation to write both brought nostalgic memories. My own Rawalpindi was a peaceful sunlit city, moderately warm during summers and lovably cold during Winters,many years ago. Looking down the memory lane I remembered the hand-in-hand pairs walking from our school, the Presentation Convent, to the Plaza Cinema to see some of the great classic Motion Pictures; the tonga ride to school and back was a wonderful experience, the shining leather bridle and reins, colorful ribbons by the horses ears,clean and freshly painted carriage and the loud clanging of the bell inspired a lot.  The clippety cloppety speed of the horse was so balanced, one could…

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Anxiety Management During Pandemic Days~

Helping to Pass Through Difficult Times

Many of us are experiencing emotional distress from the pandemic which can affect each of us in different ways, but often presents as increasing anxiety, worry, sleep disruption, feelings of helplessness, panic, and/or depression.

The shrieking headlines don’t help do they? So what can we do to manage these feelings and feel stronger emotionally and psychologically as we prepare ourselves to face the difficult days ahead?

As a psychotherapist who has practiced for many decades, I have some ideas that can help. So if you are interested, read on.

We are going to make a customized anxiety toolbox. One approach doesn’t work for everyone, pick and choose what feels right for you. Of course I’m including relaxing photos intermixed in this post because looking at positive images is an objective and powerful anxiety reducer. What you perceive influences how you think and feel.


Self Talk Reframing (Cognitive Therapy)

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I Name You Fear . . and other poetic responses to the last Wednesday Writing Prompt

Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine

Michael Ancher, “The Sick Girl”, 1882, Statens Museum for Kunst / Public domain photograph courtesy of Michael Peter Ancher

“Kleitos, a likeable young man,
about twenty-three years old
with a first-class education, a rare knowledge of Greek
is seriously ill. He caught the fever
that reaped a harvest this year in Alexandria.”
Kleitos’ Illness, Constantine P. Cavafy

Of special note:

  • Please don’t miss Iron Wind, Zimbabwean poet in exile Mbizo Chirasha’s response to the current prompt. An explanation for its solitary publication is included in the post.
  • Wisconsin poet, DeWitt Clinton, wrote, “I’ve visited many hospital rooms over the years, and occasionally, I was a patient. I’m always drawn to Sylvia Plath’s poem about her stay in a hospital following a surgical procedure.”  I didn’t have enough time to get Harper Collins’ permission to publish Tulips today. You can read it in its entirety HERE.
  • Irene Emmanuel…

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The BeZine, Vol. 7, Issue 1, Waging Peace

Respected G Jamie Dedes Michael Dickle Bardo Group Bardo Group Beguines Bardo Group Beguine Again Thank You All

The BeZine

“. . . I don’t understand why our propaganda machines are always trying to teach us, to persuade us, to hate and fear other people in the same little world that we live in.” Tennessee Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire

My Aunt Julie once said that it is easier to love than hate. She was a good woman, a diamond in the rough and I believe her. I believe it takes less energy to love (respect) others than it does to hate them and that honest appreciation of differences is actually our own best protection: today the hate is directed at “those people” and tomorrow it is directed at me and you. This is the way the world turns in the hands of the spin-meisters. They love nothing so much as pitting us against one another for their own gain and it is ALWAYS for their gain, not ours, make no mistake.

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For ~ Lens Artists Photo Challenge # 87 ~ Reflections ~ Reflective Connections ~

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
― Søren Kierkegaard

The Reflective Action Approach in life is the wisest as it leads to amicable solutions of common problems.It creates options suggestions and a variety of possibilities for design, structure and creative planning.
Reflections in photography show the opposite matching view which appears enigmatic attractive and sometimes much better than the original.
I found photographs with reflections in my albums and folders, taken by my son while on short trips to Frankfurt,  Germany. Further discovery was of some shots which I took on occasional rainy days, in 2016 in Lake View Lanes area in Bani Gala, a village 15 kms from Islamabad.
The photographs reflect images made by rain water as we live far away from any sea or the ocean. Islamabad lies at the foot of Margalla Hills, a smaller range leading  to the majestic mighty Karakoram Mountains in the Northern Areas.

Reflections from Frankfurt

IMG-20171107-WA0006 (1)



Reflections from England

In front of the Jubilee Campus Library Nottingham University  England in 2003.


Reflections from Bani Gala  by the River Korang    Islamabad   PAKISTAN



Reflections on the Terrace on a Rainy Day


A View of   River Korang     Bani Gala      Islamabad


Interview with Mbizo Chirasha, Founder and Curator of the Womawords Project and Call for Submissions to Daughters of the Earth Project, an international contest

Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine

Taken on a trip in 2016 with World Vision to Sierra Leone. Courtesy of Annie Spratt, Unsplash

I Read a Poem Today

I read a poem today and decided
I must deed it to some lost, lonely
fatherless child… to embrace her

along her stone path, invoke sanity
I want to tell her: don’t sell out your
dearest dreams or buy the social OS

Instead, let the poem play you like a
musician her viola, rewriting lonely
into sapphire solitude, silken sanctity

Let it wash you like the spray of whales
Let it drench your body in the music
of your soul, singing pure prana into

the marrow and margins of your life
Let your shaman soul name your muse,
find yourself posing poetry as power and

discover the amethyst bliss of words
woven from strands of your own DNA
Yes. I read a poem today and decided
I must deed it…

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