Return of The Mysterious Dialogue ~ 2018 ~ Of Birds Cats and Dogs and Urdu Poetry

IMG_0437 It is November again, just yesterday I was watching the small flying companions dancing twittering pecking at the grains of rice, a feast for them, in the rain, ah! water and food together , all a blessing from the Almighty who fulfills his promises in His own ways,makes the distances vanish or creates some between others for reasons only He knows, definitely for the better…when I looked at the birds I saw and felt contentment joy and closeness,,,all fly together , wake up early, pray together hidden in the foliage, spend the day in places unknown and unseen, and by evening they are back on the trees…and often kept me company on the terrace as I would sit and watch while I had a hot cup of tea…this was a usual activity in days when kids were gone and Allah knew …میں  جانتی  نہین ہوں ک  تنہائی  کیا ہے ہر وقت ہر  لمحہ  خدا  میرے ساتھ ہہے. I am never conscious of loneliness as each moment  each time God is with me and I am with Him


a  and then came this beautiful cat from nowhere, she just started coming and sitting outside the door, again on the terrace.Not showing ever the desire to come inside. She sat on the mat slept on it , sometimes she would sit in the corner against the small pillars, I felt she came for company and to be a guard…

for many years cats kept watch and gave us company…and I felt the Presence of the Creator, when I was unwell and could not go out on the terrace the cat would come and sit in the porch downstairs…she knew I was not present in the lounge upstairs…we left that house and left that city…but birds and animals followed…

464this dog was found sleeping outside my bedroom window one fine morning and so nature had sent a pet once again, this was a different place and house . We stayed in it for a year and a half…

I wonder at these animal visitations, perhaps they come to share their pains troubles and illnesses,but they cannot speak…yet one can understand and feel the life in them… hunger is the basic instinct and then it is a need too for food

‘He is hungry’ a voice seemed to say and I watched for long as he held the piece of ‘roti’ in both his paws and slowly ate it bit by bit.469

That night a tapping sound woke me..well? how is life here?
so good so peaceful Allahji has blessed us in many ways with company and peace and I think a duty is evident and I must remain conscious
‘yes’ you are here for a purpose and if you are able to identify that you are among the fortunate but fulfill you must with a good heart, I was observing this hungry creature last night, I saw him move slowly towards this house as if he was told to go there, and then you gave him food’ and…

I hope we are able to gather the good flowers and spend our time in making allah’s creatures happy…the leaves are falling and soon the trees will be bare and it will be colder …how these animals bear the weather ?

keep thinking keep doing whatever good is possible and there is hope and new buds will sprout and bloom again…and now..its time

prayer is better than sleep prayer is better than sleep’ …soon the birds too will twitter and pray

the sound of wings flapping touched the window pane as the call for prayer sounded again      میں جو سر بسجدہ  نہ ہو سکا  نہ زمین  سے  ای  کوئی  سدا
نہ قرآن  زبان  کی سمجھ  ابھی  مجھے  کیا  ملیگا  اس نماز  میں

My Nature 001


American English or English English ~ Ma’am Hows U ? Where have all the Tenses Gone?

IMG_20170426_152858_265 ‘Again again and again ‘
again again and again…?
what is on your mind, if it is sane’
Oh No dear I think I have lost most of it and the rest I
seem to be losing fast’, ‘something drastic has been
taking place and I have been oblivious about it all those years’…Alas’ things are getting out of hand…Ya Rab dil e
Muslim ko sakoon de …ameen ‘ See even Allama Iqbal’s poetry has changed

یا رب  دل ا انگلش کو وو سکوں دے  جو آج کل کی انگریزی جو بولی جا رہی ہنے ور لکھی جا رہی ھ نے اس کو برداشت کرنےکا حوصلہ دے ور اگر ہوسکائی تو …. ئی

O lord give me the courage and strength to bear the English Language being spoken now in my country…the grandeur is lost ..

Oh Come Come its a second and foreign language, ‘

yes but at least it should be right and the tenses should be correct instead of giving tension?
“madam what are the timings for the class on Friday? I sent a text message to my Senior employer..back comes the prompt reply…’timings are same, You reached at 5 p.m.”

well,well …and when I reached the class, a new student had been enrolled.
Yes I have passed my MA in IR …but I want to improve my Grammar, I cannot differentiate between tenses, I get mixed up by is and was’ and I tend to make sentences from right to left’….
I shifted my body weight from my left foot to my right…and looked round for a chair…
well ma’am I know English I only want to learn Grammar….

well…uh this a dream?

Ma’am how do you does? Madam madam !

When My Writing Kept Turning Me Towards TREES, I Never Realized…


.that I would actually move out of city life and reach a place beside a river banked with trees. Three Chinaar trees in a row blessed me with great natural beauty but they seemed fed up with life for they shed their leaves sooner in the season…bare branches seemed to strain for freedom from the roots…no wonder they had been suffering for three decades also..trees have feelings they live breathe and wither away after passing the greener happier period, bearing sun wind heat and cold…everyone is talking about trees now..plant them in thousands they are vital for our Earthly survival …but can we make a whole range of hills green as it was naturally before? I love to capture the beauty of the fascinating tree world…trees have supported me more than humans given me peace and I have never hurt them as far as I remember…


Trees are alive Love them nurture them and pray with them

FOR ~ Short Story Slam ~ Week 91~ Climatic Electricity Load or is it?


‘Clouds Cry they threaten frighten fret and fly’ ‘ they fly by me,the music does sing to me’ in this heat so sweet and …’what music do I hear who is singing? music does not help the spirit anymore,’
‘It was never meant to ; now who said that’?

“Mosam hai ashiqana”‘ hey Seema, stop …
Oh maybe this will be ok…its our own golden one” mosam suha’ana..sathi dewa’na…
Oh please Seema for long this mosam has changed…better stay quiet or else…’
There was a time when cooler climate prevailed but its so terribly hot…na bijli na pani to kya kare gi nani’…these songs will never make the weather pleasant..though the mood might be…Seema I think we need to change our names…yes that might bring some friendly clouds then rain then the lakes will fill up rivers will be like rivers and not just stony beds…then the generators will start working and O Allah ji …I will say we live in the best balanced breathing living suitable climatic region on this planet…its never dry,its never dark, its never dirty, its never depressive….hey…wake up wake up…sehri time you want to keep. fast…
oh ..has the minister changed his name?…

he promised he would if…
ministers never keep their word…

Return of the Mysterious Dialogue ~ Similar Nights Similar Days ~ Ah! The New Year ‘2018…

IMG_20180104_132425_523 As December 31st moves ahead as usual,day passes,evening draws near, only a little early,shadows grow into chilly darkness,huddled figures wrapped in blankets,large sized shawls slightly bent drag their feet towards homes towns and villages.The luckier ones catch the buses and mini buses…what is new about the new year I wonder as I close the window and draw the curtains…I also wonder how cold it is up there high in the sky,for my  unseen visitor? for the visit is now quite overdue…hmm well, the days are similar to last year’s and the nights too sound the same..dogs bark occasionally

Nothing changes My Master always keeps options open for He loves variety,variations and amalgamation leading to numerous color mixes and designs..shapes and sizes are countless like the clouds as they float they form amazing patterns…taking pictures eh? you will tire yourself and the patterns will never end…this is the supreme creativity of the Almighty…this image is must say ‘Subhaan Allah ‘ May Allah Be Praised…


a matter of time and energy and ‘thinking’….
“Salam, I was hoping you would come, I wanted to increase my knowledge, I feel I am still so ignorant…
‘did someone write ‘ignorance is bliss” but not all the time and ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ too, so one must keep learning.Every year during these days people start wishing farewell, goodbye….so long but you are right, the days and nights are the same…the movement goes on ..humans have made the count and they call it first and last,indeed the first is the birthday and the last is the last breath….

‘does the year die ?

No it only completes a circle’
Oh how true
well,anything new?

same wars poverty,lawlessness rape killing innocent suffering, I am depressed,what must I do to improve …

start with your own self and home and family, check yourself and read …read The Book of Guidance and follow and apply

If only we would see the beauty of nature ,the peace in clouds and the blue sky,the birds flying and hear their thankful twitter..ah twitter is the internet twitter….following is the ‘friends following..

try to spread the beauty you see around in your writing,help others to write too,show them the way to peace and contentment and good deeds…

yes I want to make this place a better world…O’ people wake up …listen to the new day…everyday is a new day …the rain and snow will come,it will be cold then warm again but life’s days will not…

The other world is even more beautiful..brighter than he stars and glorious than the sunshine here…

but only people who have been good ….ah goodness where art thou…oh heart clean thyself….the New Year is ten days old…

………………………………………………………do good do good be good be………………………..





2018 ~ The Miracle of Nature in November…the year…?


IMG_20180104_132514_401It seems like it was just yesterday we shouted Happy Millennium 2000 and already so much was  reported as 2012  the year for , not really sure,  The End of the World’ so how do we feel about it?

Only the Master knows

It is 2018-what happened to  and in 2017. A lot of knitting falling short oops, wrong measure’ how come I  miscalculated…by city by weather and by size…I wonder…this very corner of the wall has a cage behind the bars visible in the image.Behind the barred gate a ferocious dog has his home.The owners live nearby. Whenever the dog senses something strange and dangerous or unknown he howls and barks his heart out, till he is sure that the danger is past. Few days ago sounds of a puppy could be heard.At night the puppy would whine and cry…as if in pain…the owners were probably unaware of what happened during the night, but it was quite disturbing.On reporting it was revealed that the puppy had been separated from its mother…and so the problem was resolved.

Waiting for the green signal to travel for a morning the crows on the nearby trees began crowing,cawing continuously as if trying to say ‘ prepare someone is coming’ this continued for three days…on the third day late evening the dog behind the barred gate began barking and the puppy started ‘yapping ….they barked loudly towards our backyard..’get up getup..go, go, go….’ Oh Dear the time is near …animals know more than humans in a different way..Nature speaks if only we pay attention we can hear..and understand and heed the warnings…the puppy slipped through the other side of the gate and entered our premises ,racing up to our main door…by this time I had checked the flight timings and booked the seat as directed…all set the puppy kept barking just outside the door..The owners were called for help…and so ..Oh Allahji….could it be that these pets knew what was happening in our world at that time? a miracle was taking place….

then Allah is MERCIFUL…all was well..

Another writing month November.This time the theme was Knitting’. Enjoyable informative and a lot about knitting which was highly surprising.

The Last Month is the time for Forgiveness Repentance and Salvation as there is Celebration just before the year finally says good bye. For me November was exciting  as I participated in the National Novel writing challenge. I realized the amount of effort it takes to achieve a target, a goal and the consistent strength of motivation for achieving a ‘dream’ .In the process of trying to write a novel I felt the need to revise my learning about the elements, characterization dialogue habits history and establishing  a link between reasons and  events.

One may be ignorant and remain so till the last breath,yet thinking that knowledge is within and no need outside,but the truth is just the opposite.  One needs to learn and increase knowledge throughout life.

LIFE  reveals miracles if one has strong true faith and belief..keep praying forgiving and asking for grateful for the countless blessings….

Gratitude is must


For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Flower ~ Rose ~



O’ Dear Flower, folded
in invisible scents
tender covers
softly protecting
the unknown
wrapped in curves
like hands,a
praying pair
patiently serves
in quietude

O Dear Flower, resting
in a book,
making the page sacred
to the touch,words that rest too,forever silent, till they meet
the eyes, of an unknown, bear the flaps and caresses,
of moving finger tips, as the covers flip,

O Dear Flower, you are a rose of many colors
budding, blooming, on bush and bowers
in sunshine rain or cool summer showers
spread on shrouds taken to high towers

O’ Dear Flower’ how long can you stay
the fragrance radiate, the presence, comfort
the love share, If only you could, for ever be
and like the words lay for me to see

If ……

The Return of the Mysterious Dialogue ~ 2017~ Whither English Literature Teachers ?

mts treesNovember is the Autumnal month of writing.Desiring to put some thoughts on mean on the screen in MS Word  I kept looking at the screen for quite some time…the button on the right side of the screen showed 11’…Oh dear I have 11 drafts…incomplete’ and I wish to achieve a target of 50,000 words by the end of this month! a question raised but not answered…’when you will stop playing scrabble you will be able to achieve results’, I got this advice or rather a sort of final review…I must think about my word game seriously, it is non productive in the material sense though it does give the mind some exercise’ ..hmn

I will paint something first…and so My Paint was instantly on the screen…readers the result is before your eyes. I paint by intuition….’

So much to write and so little…no if I organize my time I can complete my tasks.I am surely really surprised at myself, do you know why? Is anyone listening? I am talking or thinking to myself, there is only One true Listener’ and I know He is listening…will I be able to write anything worthwhile? or am I just wasting my time?

A few days ago my phone rang, since the hour was odd I asked my husband to answer.A male voice was on the line but was asking for me…I found out that he was a very worried father…father of a daughter now a student at A level in a local school…the problem the daughter wanted to study English Literature but could not find a teacher, would I be able to help?

well I can try but first I must know how much the student understands about literature.
Talking to the student I found that she did have the basic knowledge that Literature means ‘novels ,drama and poetry’…I guess we all know that…okay dear but it is a long and hard journey,reading line by line word by word ,comparing contrasting and critically reviewing written works of famous writers,mostly dead and gone’…the second part consists of the living authors and poets who are currently struggling to record the good and evil deeds of humanity crowding the planet…

well madam please guide me I wish to appear for a CIE paper in about five months..five months? impossible…no dear at least a year…well ma’am please send me a task by email as I live so far away and cannot come so often…

neither can I …and then only two emails were exchanged…the task to explain the poem’After Apple Picking ‘by Robert Frost…hard to understand ? I thought’am do you know anyone who lives near my home who would be able to guide me?

‘I told you I have deep fears that Literature Teachers are fast becoming extinct..a rare species…retired , hiding…and English has ‘ need to improvement” and ‘come here ‘ has taken the new approach of ‘come closer’…it does mean the same does it?

well back to English Teaching’ about writing a book’ on ‘How to Teach English Literature? specially at O and A levels ? well

first Teach English Please….’

I heard all this … and I will pray for strength vocabulary repertoire and sentence structure and now away to the skies, back to duty….

I picked up my knitting needles as I finished reading the email..Madam I have dropped the idea of studying English literature maybe next year I am really really grateful for all your guidance…..

Yarn over’


A Story A Day ~ 9 ~ Captive of a Different Kind~

Image result for what is DLD 2011

For the past ten days or so I have been searching and reading about media, social media, digital art, and about women achieving success in their particular skills like creative writing, film direction and acting.I was lucky to know about some wonderful performances on screen, unforgettable roles and reflections, and the expression in dialogue which made me return to the screen again and again, and every time it was a pleasure to listen to the fine words , language phrases and superbly expressed, but the story revolved around women’s rights.

I have for long accepted the fact that whatever talent a woman may possess she will never be able to develop it fully on this soil.Slavery is still very much present where her food plate is controlled, her dresses restricted and her interests banished.

‘Unsaid it goes, the bowl is covered, the fruit is stored away from sight, no going outside the house for even a walk, no nothing….it is not a fairy tale , it is the truth happening now.

so what about women rights , a walk for them , a few banners, a few tv talk shows and that is it.

Duties? all the time, washing cooking, cleaning, and while doing all that being ordered, shouted at for nothing, ignored, glared with hate,forgotten and never forgiven, leave alone loved.

A different concept of marriage emerges…does it prove to be …’ nothing but an agreement for rape? a woman possessed , a body enslaved, a spirit enchained…” many questions arise …many may never be answered…

Is there an outlet or a law for a change ? laws are made to be broken’ eh?

These questions and thoughts kept touching my heart and mind when I came across the DLD Women 2011 Conference.One thing to be grateful for is the internet and the skill of being able to operate it, thus I traveled to Germany on the screen, and was able to see and hear women relate their fine entrepreneurship endeavours and achievements

I felt so fortunate than many out in the city and rural areas who would be sitting in the dark still and without gas to make food withoout water..without ..hope..without light…but would my gratitude be enough? They don’t know that I too am a captive of a different kind…

or is my imagination? or then a weakness on my part?

I will seek answers and analyse the findings maybe I am to blame…I may need to think about ‘prayer and gratitude…

be thankful be grateful…does the answer lie here…? another question….

A Story A Day ~ 8~ It’s Your Road ~

Its your road, and yours alone. others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.


It was the same road  valley same way, same eagerness same love same drive,
not the same time nor the same day, no one in sight the sun steadily beamed its warmth, my feet tread heavily and I thought…



Roads are the same everywhere or are they? some roads remain empty and clear with an occasional tonga or vehicle plodding along, some are dusty, some are grand, some are called ‘all-weather road’ some ‘jeepable’ these days roads are used for ‘drag racing’ 

the kids in the photograph are trying to make marks while sitting on the side the gentleman has some fear of ‘pickpockets’ , kids seem quite at peace, that is  a good sign, and this is a road far away in the South of the beloved country ..where ever a road lies long or winds its way through fields towns or cities it has a story…this road has a story of a developing colony yet it is a place for ‘racers and bikers’ who gather every evening show their biking and riding skills, enjoy entertain and go home …in a country with a dearth of healthy entertainment playing grounds parks or racing tracks..a broad hard road is just the place to be…..

where there is a will there is a way..till the houses are constructed…..freedom is indeed a precious gift