2019~ The Mysterious Dialogue Continues ~ A Strange Medical Advice or Was It ?

‘It is best not to  give advice unless asked for ‘ otherwise be ready to face reaction …Kids frightened

Oh dear so early in the late night, well true about advice.it is not always welcome’ but these days it is so cold one feels like saying,’go cover your head and ears’ and keep them covered ‘ or don’t say ‘you are feeling cold’ and don’t hunch your shoulders,you will spoil your posture’…Oh No how can you stay warm without socks, but children don’t feel the cold so much…advice about studies! Don’t ask me….

‘ the general concept and a German proverb’. Well,  and human nature reacts and behaves in such a variety of manners, plus it is drastically unpredictable. And, humans need repeated reminders every day…strange yet not surprising, I see in many a window , as families are settling down for the long night, elders standing in the bedrooms giving instructions…so whats the special story tonight?

It’s about my latest Doctor’ …You know I had to undergo surgery? I somewhat developed a liking for….

Eh The saying is’Never fall in love with your Doctor’

but I say its never ‘that sort of love’ it is just deep regard within the soul and spirit, it is the way one understands the relationship, the medical problem, the treatment’by the doctor and then the feelings of gratitude from the patient…if…or the feelings of frustration and so on.It is I guess the personal experience of each individual.
‘How do you find this doctor?’ I asked a lady sitting quite uncomfortably in the bucket chair in the waiting area outside the doctor’s main office. ‘Well, she’s hm hmm ‘… I wondered what the ‘hmn hmn meant’ when she added ”sort of quiet,and straight and er…er…simple’
‘Hmn, what did she expect’ I was thinking…I looked around almost all the seats were full. How tiring it must be for her.Soon it was my turn.
It was past 3 p.m. and the doctors time was till 4.I found a slim tall softly smiling but serious looking personality.Immediately alert as my daughter started telling her…’Doctor, my mother….
and then I found her on her toes, deftly quick at the ultra sound, all the while talking softly asking questions’ how many kids do you have? and I thought my kids’ no longer kids but parents of kids now
‘Doctor I am a grandma” Oh really ?…I smiled weakly though happy inside at the compliment.
Well’ there you go till we get the reports of these tests’ and that was our first meeting. Later I felt the deep trust developing in her open attitude, confidence of knowledge and expertise one could see by the way she examined patient after patient.Definitely a well qualified surgeon.
After two months, the doctor was happy at the results and I was so grateful to The Almighty and so relieved.
Doctor can I go ahead for physical activity, now, I mean working in the house, and so on’
Well, yes,’ and as I was about to leave the room, she said’ Yes, but just don’t do one thing’….I turned and looked at her she gave a half smile and put her head down looking at the file in front of her.
I silently admired her sense of humor.

‘we both knew what she meant and I knew how close we had come within our minds,hearts and souls, I also knew that this had become a special relationship which Nature had meant it to be.
‘Good Doctors understand their patients well, and know how to convey their advice’

Good human beings are around, take care of your health, and I must take off, will check on the doctor on my way…


2019 ~ Intriguing Perceptions~ For The POET By Day ~ Was This The Road That Saw… ?


“Few can foresee whither their road will lead them, till they come to its end.” The Two Towers, J.R.R. Tolkien
The POET by Day Jamie Dedes quotes from J.R.R.Tolkien’s The Two Towers, about roads  journeys and unknown destinations, 
The famous quotation and beautiful expression inspired me to express my thoughts on ‘Roads and strange journeys of life’

رخ ملنے  کا   مڑ گیا ، راستہ بدل گیا اب جو  
راہ  ھے ،سا منے  اس میں  کویؑ  رکاوٹ  نہیں 

direction changed, the road took a turn,the
way ahead now has no obstruction 

یہ بندشیں  تو بس خاکی ، فانی دنیا کے سفر کی ھیں
نےؑ پر لطف سفر سامنے ھے اس میں تھکاوٹ نہیں

                   these blockades are temporal of Earthly travels

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2019~ The Mysterious Dialogue Continues ~ Of The Wanted and The Unwanted ~

IMG_1758                          Photo Courtesy  © CER  2019

The new year , is cold 
a day old, joyful sorrow
expecting friendship

کچھ  باتیں   خامشی    می   ھوتی   رہیں ، رات  گےؑ
کون ہے کہ وہ بھی اس  دنیا میں جاگتا ھے ،رات گےؑ

some thoughts shared in silence, late night
who is it that stays awake in this world, late night

چھوڑی  ھویؑ بستییوں  کو کیا  یاد کرنا  دل سے، رات گےؑ
پانی کے بلبلے سب، کون رکا  دل سے  اپنے ساتھ ، رات  گےؑ

why be heavy about places once lived in, late night
who stays truly, to comfort the heart , late night.

nature’s beauty is the best company’ never ending curlicue

The last day passed by, the first too is in the shade,
so whats there to see as new? as times slowly fade,
I am by myself , one with nature boundless,in myriad hue,
‘Look ‘ the seven heavens in layers,
no discrepancy, can you see any cracks?’
‘Look again and again and your sight will return to you,
dazzled and exhausted’,Allah ‘s words from the Book’,
‘and lanterns adorn the lower skies’ IMG_20171105_070941_429

پھر بھی مہرا خیال اس بات سے ھٹتا نہیں، گمراہ کیوں ھو کویؑ

قدرت حسیں عیاں اس قدر   کیوں کویؑ قدرت کو مانتا نہیں 

natures beauty is vividly manifest, why one may go astray,
this thought in my mind, an embedded rose,  does stay-

‘I am the Wanted and the Unwanted-both, or am I ?
 Oh Dear,no,
unseen angels present all around and this visible Cheshire with eyes so blue

IMG_1081she was here all day but now its dark and I know she must be outside somewhere close by….

Salam, ‘why O why this feeling so early in the  year, while  everyone is enjoying singing eating and I noticed many young and old busy in some cooking activity in the cold evening, outside their warm houses, and here you are’ all by..Oh now I know  no physical being around….is that it I am the One, Special One, of The Rare Species, definitely, surely going extinct, maybe in this world but not in the next
‘And I have fears that when I may cease to be ’there will hardly be anybody in this pure country sober enough …to be better than …er… our great forefathers, the monk-keys” OH Sir,I must apologize for my distractive nature , but being born under the Gemini Skies I cannot help being either Castor or Pollux- I still wonder which one I am? But I guess
I am surely human for I can see hear eat cheat lie mock taunt smile sleep and grab-command and write and forgive 

and so you are but I am not at a loss tonight, how do I cheer you up’
-Believe me I belong to a humble and honest patriotic family from Kashmir, do I have to prove?

That I know but what relationship does that create? all are related by the same creative link and belong to one ‘thinking community with brains’

I belong to the brainy Race that has inhabited this planet for centuries and made a mess of it. Alas!

But isn’t it getting better now? I see great..no I should not use this word..profound progress in roads and bridges and lights…
No roads are fine but have you seen the rubbish heaps beside the roads? Today I was so disturbed that I took a safety match box and went outside and set fire to the dump of waste just opposite our house..people do not want to pay for disposal of waste, they just dump it all over their own neighborhood…so sad so ignorant….so poor..so poor is King of..

O now you are a teacher educator try educating your neighbors in a polite way help them to maintain cleanliness….guide them about the environment..whats that  a Gender …problem?

ah , a problem,well  in fact,  truly it  doesn’t matter for being a female I land in the opposite camp because of my given name,  which my Grandma bestowed upon me with such love and proud vengeance (I secretly believe) as in later years I came to know through the secret whispers of the family black sheep that “all were expecting a boy” to emerge into this world from the heavens’so I being the fair gender am restricted in action outside the house. Gracious Lord at that time the ultra sound machine had not been invented or –well what can I say-

that is divine will nothing to do with you, now your abilities will matter for you,

Ah  my poor soul –how do abilities help when the talents become debilities by the time they are discovered, leave alone developed , honored recognized and rewarded.

and what is the idea of boxes,may I inquire…
In my home country boxes are of great importance- ballot boxes- ice boxes-letter boxes- inboxes-out boxes- and at my recent job a very senior officer placed a Complaint Box and led everyone to the 16th Century style of Management. I could not bear along with this box so I decided to perform the Jack- in- the- box Act and signed myself out. I declared that I was going to Dubai and everyone envied me and congratulated me on this great news- WOW Dubai-the hub of the present celebrity activity- the wonderland of the rich- The- The – and you know Dubai! I believe it will soon be on the list of Sinking Cities of the world-

But I never went there-I lost income , transport facility, a grand VIP Office and so many standing at attention –But I preferred to live without the Gestapo Box (I named it so )In the process I sold my old PC boxlike apparatus and bought a Branded laptop –I feel better with the closeness of the writing and thinking companion-

But this was an application for a job, wasn’t it?

Well, sort of, for an Advertising company- I believe I have grown up with it as it is a part of language and has touched my soul and spirit, from the quiet afternoon calls of the ‘Ice lolly cart man’s tap tapping of the lid of the cart, to the tune- playing ice cream seller on the cycle’- I would definitely go for another style of language and add more to the cart-
I loved the Ice Cream Van though which would come every night playing the tune of the Nursery rhyme’ ‘Girls and boys come out to play-the moon doth shine as bright as day ’
in the lovely historical city of Nottingham where I spent the strangest days of my life, in the year 2003 to February 2004.The exact place was Aspley.
The Ice cream van was colorful, well lit with lights all over it so that one could see the outside decoration too. It was wonderfully attractive and one felt like having ice cream every night even in winter.
One of my original Advertising Project for  Cornflakes is still with me (unknown un-shown) with Characters and Captions, Activities and a story- and finally –
About Writing– Indeed I was born to write and write I must

and so it is but you must work hard and consistently, and use good words

Language is my first love –the second-writing- I developed and I hope I have reached some stage of maturity for otherwise English Language is racing down the track, progressively deteriorating and amalgamating into a mixture no Alchemist would be able to solve or dissolve

they ask you about experience 

Experience is what you learn after making mistakes, being emotional, sometimes bent upon doing what your heart says and not using your mind where other people want you to use.Your mind is away into the world of imagination, going crazy with colors pencils, brushes , water, paints and you hear your elders say-
’OH what wasteful activities-these are not going to help you in the ‘second house’  دوسرا  گھر ’where eventually you have to go’, leave everything and go to the kitchen’ and
there ends your ‘thinking’ your world of art, your land of dreams, your creative wild ideas’, your soul…

Life must change as the year changes, one moves from house to house from city to city but maybe not so from country to country,perhaps once in a life time, but once the Book is accepted never ever think of changing or forgetting it May your soul be at peace may you meet your far away friend , who is getting better day by day….

Oh how..er..er…Oh Great Allah Ji  Sami ul Aleem, Samiul Aleem’
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Return of the Mysterious Dialogue ~ 2018 ~ About M Times,Metaphysics and Deadly KK’s ~


14883_50abefa77065a1.05325941-bigA calendar stares at me,silently, I see numbers on it,the numbers are repetitive,
Is it really the Year ‘ending?

A thinking mind does not perceive so, as the days and nights continue with their sacred duty ordained, time is eternity, but it has been divided blocked, restricted, calculated, set,appointed, anticipated stopped or stretched…so time continues,making days  bright and nights bejeweled…time is Light and time is Dark ..and my mind wishes to participate in the revolving singing realm of the glorious universe, which I find , a better world…a

‘Oh now now, its now, if it be not now, when will it be…time is precious most precious O’Thinking One, you can travel to the allowed limits of Allah’s creation, The Master says to search and research and to find Him …praise Him and Thank Him…look up at the skies whether night or day seek and you shall find’

well, tell me is it really the year ending?

_what do you understand by year? a set number of days? by the calculating mind’ so be it like that..if you had two hundred days more then it would not be the end at 365 but this is the given divine number

_ah so I am thinking straight?
_ you should read more and use your first language, and study Arabic…
_تیرے بن کیسے؟

سوتے ھوے جاگنا اور جاگتے ھوے سونا
وقت کا احساس نہ لمہوں کا پتا نہ گھڑیوں کی خبر
یہ وقت اک معجزہ ھے کہ میں زندہ ھوں
موت سے قربت ھوی کیؑ بار
کہیں سے صدا آیؑ ‘ابھی نھیں
یے جاگتے ھوےؑ سونا کیسا؟

دسمبر جا رھا ھے اور میں یوں جاگتے ھوےؑ
سوچ رھا ھوں
کیا کھونا کیا پانا
وقت کو دیکھنا ڈوبتے ھوےؑ
اور رات بھر انتظار کرنا
Unconscious while awake
in consciousness, asleep…this was a year of translations..enriching language experience, and the M Times are back’, pray tell me who can be an authentically mad or moon struck, we all are in some way mad, aren’t we?

why have this thought about Allah’s creation, look into your own self think like you do, but think differently with gratitude, you will find your answer’ and see the beauty of the Universe created for you all….’Sunrises and Sunsets.  Births and Deaths, Crime and Punishment, Joy and Sorrow….and the Months that go by or are coming….December is a Month of marriages, mysterious events  and as ordained, one thinks perpetually happening since Able and Cain Times… meditated murders. A holy sacred time of the  year filled with joy and sorrow, but all times have these elements so just Be Good and Grateful’ write good poetry…..

A sunset for me and a sunset for you
A cake for me and a cake for you
A gift for me and a gift for you

A grief for me and a joy for you
A memory for me and a memory for you
A rose for me and a rose for you.

ھم چھوڑ دیں گے یوں تم سے بات چیت کرنا
تم   پوچھتے  پھروگے   اپنا قصور  ھم سے    and beware the good heart’ one who talks to you may stop the conversation all of a sudden and you may keep asking the reason and never really find one…so do not think of madness ever …
In metaphysics you may be close to Good when ever you wish to,the spirit soars to great heights and returns but the power lies in Love
love and peace are the key words for the coming times Killing Kidnapping are not in the Good Dictionary..and so the sun is setting, the waves receding and the night time descending…

Participate and again remember..Amor Vincit Omnia



Return Of The Mysterious Dialogue~2018~ The Christmas Cake Gift’ ‘then there was ‘LIGHT’, perceived by The Participatory Mind’

‪christmas star‬‏ کیلئے تصویری نتیجہ                                                                  download

It will be Christmas Day soon.

How time flies or passes by, year after year, we wonder every time, every year when Festive December rolls over from Noble November; rusty brown,crimson, yellow and chocolate hues lift themselves from the fallen state to settle on rooftops , windows doors hedges and trees, the world illumines itself to the core, bells appear , though silent but seem to ring out joyful jingles…what happened in all those moments, what did I do with my time? This question disturbs me more as the count of years increases…I open my diaries one by one, the entries this year are few and far between…one diary reveals the ‘NaNoWrimo’ 2018, writing plans, a long story idea, some lists and the month is November…whither Jan,Feb Mar, April,May June July ..Ah August…September October …One fact stands out…hmm 

a flying sound in silver light and a gentle voice,of a guarding one …And pray what may that be ? If I may ask and what is on the tender thinking mind on this great day of world celebration ?

‘I am feeling grateful, for these  moments of conversation, it makes my mind ‘a participatory mind’ a mind as coexisting with reality’ we should be talking of reality making not exploring reality’

well, please enlighten further

‘Each exploration is a transformation, each journey ‘reality is always a journey into our mind’ Henryk  Skolimowski’ writes in his book ‘The Participatory Mind’. I am trying to understand the theory. The mind interacts with the Participatory Universe.No mind,no consciousness and thus no reality to behold.

Ah quite a philosophy…there must be more

well it is related to language and communication
nothing happens in evolution without participation,
to be aware is to participate’
to be asleep is to be estranged from participation
to be alive is to sail on the wings of participation
love is the deepest form of participation
where there is love there is participation

But isn’t love ‘ a value?

Oh we have lost the sense of true values, like kindness sympathy forgiveness respect and good manners that reflect good values’ I wonder from which turning  the people drifted away and have gone so far away that coming back seems impossible…alas’

what was the one thing you were about to mention?

oh that was rather is’…is poetry’ and poetry in my first language URDU and one person who is prominently touching my participatory mind is a POET by Day far away…

ہیں اور بھی دنیا میں سخنور بہت  اچھے
کہتے ہیں ک غالب  کا ھے انداز بیاں اور
there are many good writers in the world
but they say poet Ghalib writes, uniquely

and so I feel about the poet writer far away

And what is the story of the cake?

the cake’  suddenly I was aware of  Poetic Light ‘ growing bright moment by moment’ I felt a strange fragrance wafting in the air around me and I felt as if someone was coming …who could it be ? ‘ my mind , ah my participatory mind was remembering the fruit cake baked by  a good friend in Karachi, we tasted it right on Christmas Day when we visited her after more than ten years in 2015, and today was Christmas Day 2018, quiet and cold..till at about 12.30 the doorbell rang and there at the door stood our Helper Friend with his family and a box of Chocolate Cake …they stopped by on their way home from Church…for me it was the Christmas miracle..The Lord had sent us a Gift…the day was made’

The cake was cut shared and enjoyed by all. It was peaceful happy day , someone else’s family came and brought great joy  companionship and a sweet cake to complete the happy occasion’

and so long ..this is the reward of  ‘participation and the regard of ‘human values’  believe it …it is the truth, keep participating writing poetry and increase the regard for all human values  …’amor vincit omnia’

Return of the Mysterious Dialogue ~ 2018~ Another Year Ending ~ Christmas Miracle ~Dedication to JD The Poet By Day ‘


What memories of  moments flash by, in so many cold December days’the joys of company, the loss of near and dear ones, sharing a Christmas evening in Karachi with Dear Friend Jennifer Marshall, tasting her special Christmas fruit cake and Allah’s special gift , a friend far away, brought the delight of poetry and the excitement of Urdu Nazm and Ghazal for me, literally pulling out  the Urdu writer in me, asking me  to compose the thoughts and ideas  in the creative  form in my first and national language’ Thank you Dear Jamie Ji…May Allah bless you’ . While writing for your blog I never for once felt the coldness of December.In fact the prompts warmed the heart and soul and made poetry writing thoroughly enjoyable.I discovered myself, yet I have a long way to go…This is a month of miracles joy and celebration.

متعلقہ تصویر

This year snow on the mountains has fallen early ,  ” ’tis  cold but I am happy at heart’. I feel grateful for countless reasons as Allah says in Surah Rehman ‘ and ‘which is it of the favors that ye will deny” Oh Allah Ji I have become slow please grant me strength to complete my prayers’

‘Salams to one who stays up at night…’

‘well Walekum asalam’ I do stay up but prayers get delayed, as I am trying to learn more about being a better person, about reciting duas and about the life of saintly people, and I feel I have to share something with the world outside..my words and thoughts must express good guidance and praise Allah and his beautiful Earth and the Universe’

‘Well that is all fine but you must do some good too’ in action be helpful, in speech be soft and  in caring be kind. You must give of what The Master gives you and best of all,  praise and thank the Master all the time walking sitting lying sleeping ..keep praising and reciting his zikr’ a year ending reminder..they say..but it is just a precious day’ pray each day as if it is your last’…

But O Unseen Friend I must tell you what significance December has for me’, it is the time of great  joy and thanks giving . A star appears and drenches the whole world in joy and happiness.The world is engulfed in a kaleidoscope of color , we all get a message of hope and peace..and I remember a time of extreme weakness in illness but Allah sent His blessings and revealed a brilliant radiant Light…which restored my strength and gave me life…I have tried to relate the experience in a poem which I wish to share with my readers    

A Christmas Miracle’ Dedication to My Patron Saint of Poetry Friend Far Away 
                              Respected  Dear  –   G Jamie Dedes The POET By Day


Heavy in heart and soul
body  stiff and cold-
no desire for food
Nor will for life
within this mortal fold;
All seemed at edge
thick bestrewn like
the Memphian sedge
from edge to edge,
walking like
under a Cross
dragging heaving
hurting hoping
praying; would I survive,
how long more be alive
the saline bottle shook
on the stand as the last
drop dripped, the needle
pulled from the hand-
and I, still and listless,
lay  breathless eyelids heavy
muscle feeble,
I became conscious
of a strong white light
which started growing
strong and bright
with great difficulty
I tried to open my eyes
trembling flickering closing
I tried to rise- but failed
As a Pure  Calm,  Prevailed
 a magnificent vision, flashed
I fell back listless engulfed  in –
Glorious strong light
I got my answer from The Lord
Dear Lord Jesus
please accept my gratitude
For Your love and care
Please now accept my Prayer
Help me to do Good,
to Love and To Forgive
and Help and Guide Me
to Care and Share.


Amen Amen Amen and I will be on the milky way…

Return of The Mysterious Dialogue ~2018 ~ Seeking The Spirit ~ Changing Places,Changing Houses”~ Vanishing Distances



The year 2018 is drifting towards its closure.

What happened in the hundreds of days, hours and moments, one can hardly recollect,maybe, only if one keeps a diary and takes notes. Birthdays anniversaries trials adventures,changes in society and arrests of criminals, deceivers,hackers and the hangings of ‘confirmed-found-guilty- terrorist murderers, but the new beginnings, new writing, new and sincere friends far away, have been closer refreshing and joyful.
On the public front , illegal encroachments are being demolished, accountability of public service people continues, agencies  pursuing culprits accused and absconders, times are changing and so is the climate and society ..er..society…social scene …family matters….

Salam Thinking One ‘ worried again about relationships?

O Invisible yet Visible Compassionate One’, I hear you after scores of light years, since we shifted to these new premises the chances to view the open skies have been few, but the evenings were lit by the divine orange blue hues of twilight and the predawn by silver twinkling shades of the galaxies. Yes,  this worry’ worries me from time to time,though my faith in this connection of understanding was shattered long ago, and set me on a quest to seek the true Spirit’ a real human spirit’

You yourself are almost a true spirit, but for one thing…regularity in meditation gets disturbed,you need to look into that, for one, but I believe you have crossed half way mark into the light’

‘Am I so fortunate ? I have faith of being fully in the light’ I do’ for the light has been revealed…and now I must follow…I must….




Once again a cold mist surrounds,
grey dull darkness makes the light
thin bare branches stretch out tight,
bracing the long wintry wait
with the trunk stuck deep aground;
Life is a game of time, of love, of words, of rhyme;
Once again I see the rainbow twinkles
in those dark eyes,
a fleeting glance, I wonder-how close is He,
in a smile in the eyes-in a voice soft and tender,
in a flower colorful
leaving the fragrance to imagination’
in a ‘thank you or ‘ I’m here ‘ sticker’
well, the presence is present’
No one knows how time flies,
once again I know He sends love
from the Heavens above
The spirits are one with words
formed in flowing thoughtful poetry-
once again there is a vague emptiness
a misty mystic  Nothingness’

Nothingness is All. ‘I flew over the small river
but there was no light visible’ as last time?

‘we shifted house twice…we felt one was haunted as frogs lizards  ants cockroaches started appearing…it was scary in a way, then one more double storey house was rented a peaceful place with Chinaar trees, it was built against the hillside. It brought us glad tidings,,and Surah Maoon sent away the creepy crawlies …

all are the creations of the Almighty, we need His words for them too’and now how is it here?
‘alhamdolilah we are content and grateful…and trying to be satisfied with life as much as possible.Living close to the river gives  a mystic touch to the soul and spirit..as the river flows, one feels the continuity of life , as the water takes along the bits of trash, I feel that is symbolic of the bad and the good..water is like prayer of purity and one must be …in a flow, forgiving,  letting go…for you know…

I do know what my Master has taught me but please share your thoughts’

well, no distances can ever break a bond’ the river flows and the winds blow, clouds reveal the Light, and kindness reaches you from beyond the oceans and spreads out in the skies..and I have to thank one precious person ..and do not wish to disturb one dearest one…so ..time is….

for me time to go beyond…keep praying and thanking,  the Light has moved closer….

Allah O Akbar’ Allah O Akbar’    God is the Greatest    God is the Greatest