In Response To ~ Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #46 – ‘Delicate’ ~ ‘Kashmiri Chenar’~ Platanus Orientalis ~ Islamabad Pakistan


The species’ name means ‘eastern’. (In comparison, the ‘western’ plane (or American sycamore) is named Platanus occidentalis). The eastern plane’s original distribution was eastward from the Balkans.
The tree was called platane in ancient Greek history and literature and by related names in continental Europe. Equally well known in Asia and from Anatolia to India and usually called Chinar or Chenar. In the Kashmir Valley region, the native Kashmiri word for the tree is Boonyi.


The tree is capable of being grown in most temperate latitudes, though it benefits greatly from warm summers. As a very large and wide tree with broad, thick leaves that tend to orient horizontally, it is especially prized for the shade and coolness it provides during the hot season.


The oriental plane is found naturally in riverine settings, together with such trees as alder, willow and poplar. However, it is quite capable of survival and success in dry soils once it is established.Like other plane trees, its leaves are borne alternately on the stem, deeply lobed, and palmate or maple-like. It usually has flaking bark, occasionally not flaking and becoming thick and rugged. Flowers and fruit are round and burr-like, borne in clusters of between 2 and 6 on a stem. Considerable variation exists among trees in the wild.


The leaves and bark have been used medicinally. A fabric dye has been made from the twigs and roots. The timber, often called Lacewood, is figured and valuable for indoor furniture. The leaves are also often used by artists for the Delicate work of  leaf carving.
From earliest days, P. Orientalis has been an important tree in Persian gardens, which are built around water and shade. There it is known as the Chenar.


These Photographs were taken by the River Korang
in Banni Gala Islamabad Pakistan  © CER 2019
Information Courtesy 



2019 ~ The Mysterious Dialogue Continues ~ A Building Crammed with Books and Bodies in Bondage with Learning ~

IMG_20190420_142529.jpg  Book Fairs and Book Festivals are becoming a regular feature, a burst and spurt of publishing has flooded the market but unfortunately the quality seems to have decreased.
When quantity increases quality is bound to be affected
It was written about criticism that it is ‘ ‘Books upon books upon books’, books on books have increased, books on culture books on places, books on cooking…the number of books by the hundreds or maybe more, but what are the subjects and themes…

The English Reading Session revealed that in English new writers were rare. Young College and University Students read lines from old Classics of English Literature. Translated work, poems, and one short reading about Pakistan was excellent.
The outcome was promising and there is hope of more writers from the new generation coming out with their ideas.
Our nation is yet to become a ‘reading nation’, shall  we say that there are more votes on ‘eating’ rather than ‘reading’…more recipe books were visible.
We still go for foreign art work for children like Micky Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, what are we thinking while ‘printing’ or copying ? I believe we are not thinking at all just copying – copying for drawing copying for coloring copying for writing…
We need to bring in our own original work…are there any original writers out there?

Who were the people at the festival, the school children and the common public- one group was there for enjoyment the other for fun and free visits…perhaps a handful for reading and buying….

A  Strange stall in a corner of the main hall displayed the following notice: For Donations to Libraries, For Gifts , For Schools, For Children’s Hospitals, IMG_20190420_102304

Come Buy Now….

                                 ‘Buy any bundle of books – Rs 700 per kg

For ~FOWC with Fandango ~ Chosen ~


They  came to see the girl , they had to choose, and then she was chosen
all the time the boy and the boys mother,sat looking at her,she was frozen

wonder what they had in mind, what they expected, what they saw in reality,
her fair color, smoothness of skin, length of hair and body, style of femininity

the tea trolley had felt heavy as she pushed it in the living room, steps heavy
on the carpeted floor, eyelids dropping with sleep, she glimpsed  a fat belly

wondered whose was it in the family chosen for her, for future life and living
‘tea has a good taste, did you make it ? a croaky voice sounded tight n chilling

she dared not raise her eyes, she was not supposed to  typical Eastern attitude
of shyness, maturity, submissiveness, obedience, acceptance,service n servitude

she was relieved when the party left,it was a routine now, coming serving
smiling pouring tea, waiting getting up,  saying salam and then regretting

she was now beginning to enjoy playing the game of  ‘ Being Chosen’
 fairy tale in home forest, trees unseen , freezing  icy, like Queen Frozen

she knew she would never be chosen, life is not a contest nor it is funny
she would make her own story, this was all done with honey and money


An invitation . . . — THE POET BY DAY

“I make art, sometimes I make true art, and sometimes it fills the empty places in my life. Some of them. Not all.” Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane The BeZine now sponsors two Facebook Groups. The first, established years ago, is The BeZine 100TPC 100,000 Poets (and friends) for […]

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For ~ FOWC with Fandango ~ Crosshair


‘The new principal is in office from today’ the senior teacher said as she dragged herself
in the Staff Room and almost fell in the large sofa, files on the table , not on the shelf

they say she has been given a serious  challenge,  to bring the college to the 7th Moment
‘remove the old and ring in the new’,seeking new standards, new tools of evaluation’

who else has been here more than twenty years now like me, ‘oh keep a look out for signs
we all are sure- shot a target,on the hit list, marked, the professional crosshair is on us’

for how long can you take the old yellow notes to the class and keep up the dumb bells
times have changed managements change no more can colleges be like detention cells

For ~ FOWC with Fandango ~ Skimp ~


No one could  dare call him a skimp, he got  mad at everyone and everything
Whatever he bought, wore or kept , he possessed it like His Majesty the King

when he was working and earning,  his wallet and pocket was always bulging
he never would admit , he had money, he had never learnt the art of giving

for others he never thought of giving cotton,for himself he preferred mink’
one for you one for me, one each in every dish,for him each dish up to the brim

many people need to be skimpy to make both ends meet, wait for, miracle lottery
or hope to win a race, but giving gets getting’ giving of heart and space,lessens poverty




For FOWC with Fandango ~ Semantics ~


Semantics has nothing to do with the 18th Century Romantics
but has everything to do with lexicology  etymology and pragmatics

relationship between signifiers like words phrases signs and symbols
indicates understanding towards sense reference and signals

never heard of this word till the actual study of language rules
by that time, had finished college, graduated and left all study schools.

so semantics came to me as the detailed study of language  meanings
I wonder if ever my teachers  had ever studied it before their teachings.