Write Your New Story 2021~ Wabi Sabi Story and The Beautiful “NO”

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The title attracted many aspiring writers.Exhausted, mourning the weakening of the Muse this was a hot spring of motivation. Music smiling leader using charming vocabulary inviting to write in a lovely illustrated form,I loved it. Though I will not be able to continue the creative writing process with this lovely group but I wish to share what I did manage to write in the pre course five days as part of the assignments.

My Wabi Sabi Story
Life has been good on one side, but have been close to grief pain and suffering for many years.My faith gives me continuous strength and hope and whenever a calamity strikes I am reminded to look at those who are weaker and poorer,”things could have been much worse” “the revelry is temporary” “be grateful and you will have abundant, love comes in many forms and ways..so it was in virtual spiritual environment much joy came my way.
Poem for the Team, My Friends and Readers
Water mirror like, ivory silver
smiled at, caressed , hated in
stagnant filthy swamps
its loss, mourned.
Love the creative spirit in non
creativity, like lotus in muddy pond
tree valued green or brown-
body and soul, split in bond
Embrace all,cool or hot
all here will be soon, gone
circle will come full circle
imperfection, – the mortal round

WRITE Your New Story 2021
Day 4 – The Beautiful “NO” for Taking a Stand for Truth and Professional Knowledge
The First “NO”
Desiring to attain a Masters Degree I kept struggling with traditions cultural norms. Private study efforts failed. Finally the admission to a post graduate college revealed the lack of justice to proper instruction. Asking for ” More” resulted in the 18th Century Dickensian reaction. But the “NO” opened the best door of the time with the best Professors and I attained the degree with honor and respect from the Punjab University being a student of the best Teachers of English Literature as Ms Shaista Zaid Ms Farhat Shah Mrs Nasim and Mrs Samina Nadeem. Thank You Dear Teachers.
The Second Time

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Imagine leaving a foreign university where I realized that I wanted to study a more challenging course.When I applied for a change the process of studies took the unexpected turn. Returning to my native homeland for a personal family commitment with a still valid study visa I was sent a “NO’ letter from the university.I never went back. As Allah’s plans are the best and he has better gifts for us always of which we are not aware of at that moment.
I got the best opportunity to work in the field of Education and Service to the nation which was and will be my aim and purpose of life till Allah wills it to be. I was selected and appointed as the Principal of the Post Graduate Bilquis College of Education of the PAF Pakistan Air Force. The Management included two lab schools a) Montessori Junior b) Special Education School. One Hostel for 200 students. This was a Challenge a far better opportunity to serve the cause of education and it resulted with a “NO ” I have no regrets of not studying at a foreign university. Allah always gave me much better gifts honor regard and time to serve and share my knowledge and experience.

2021~ Disease with Reason or Ordained ?

Image Divine

2020 ended on a tragic note an eternal separation a family broken.Oh Almighty Creator you know best the wisdom of life’s ending,the coming and passing away of the soul, the body merging with earth deep down. Those closest to the departing soul find tears sliding down the cheeks uncontrolled or silently hugging comforting each other, failing to understand the unknown timing, the unbelievable happening, today? tonight? tomorrow?
What is this virus all over the world? Death striking everywhere, are these the days of judgement, trials and tests, the sudden calamities, the pain, the temporary separation as we all have to go in the span of time. Or humanity has fallen so low as to match with the enemies of the holy heavens and are being punished?

So many questions arise as we do not have the knowledge nor acquire it nor is there any right guidance offered nor will there be any messenger as the last one has come and left…but wait what do I see in the clouds
what does the light show taking shape in the early morning sky?

There is hope as I look at the light getting brighter. I see a name of high respect, my heart and soul feels peace, yet I too am a mortal

The poet Dr Allama Iqbal wrote in his poem “The Philosophy of Grief”

“Grief is not distress, but is the soul’s silent song
Which is locked in the embrace of existence’ harp
In the depths of this world we part to reunite
But we cry considering temporary parting as permanent”

But as we are humans we feel grief all our lives.
May the Almighty forgive and bless all with mercy.


For Lens Artists Challenge # 126~ A is For Artificer Supreme ~

All learning begins with a name, a sound and a meaning. Moving towards the close of the strangest year ever I find myself, moving a day on into the next challenge of Special Moments.Well,special moments are countless, a Whatsapp Birthday, a Golden Wedding Anniversary and a tragic loss of son in law due to Covid 19. Moments of joy and extreme sorrow but for this post I am sharing some miracle and some by chance, shots, hope my friends and readers will like.

One night feeling worried a voice told me to pull the curtains and look outside.This is what I saw

“You are not alone. Allah is always present. Pray and remember Him.You will neither fear nor grieve”.

A is for Abbottabad My hometown.

In Abbottabad – The Arched Gateway of the Old Church and Cemetery

AUTUMNAL Beauty in Islamabad Pakistan

Hope the coming time is peaceful with glad tidings and joy for the world in sorrow. May Allah forgive and bless us all.

Unknown 2020 ~Fallen Fall Falling~

Something there is that does not bear cruelty anymore.
Long hours of ignorant stiffness, a loud stern voice sounding crisp crude cracking commands,the auditory system screens are about to crash, the mind and heart almost transformed into stones.

“Look away, look at the other side, there is less darkness, less quietude,less fear, but the presence of the invisible block can still be felt. Something there is that tries to harass, watches stealthily, makes one uneasy, disturbs the soul and spirit.

Why is Fall called Fall? Because the leaves fall? from all trees, short or tall, Fall is a call? time to remember revise and recall

where did we take a wrong turn, when did we forget to be soft, we forgot what time struck in the old hall we forgot the howl of the jackal we forgot the two cold ends of the brawl, we forgot the black magic wall, the stomping sounds of marching boots, killers all.

How long ago was 1914, 1930,1945, Hiroshima Nagasaki , Vietnam, Kuwait Iraq Afghanistan Palestine Kashmir, millions lifeless,breathless,homeless,

Was there ever any peace anywhere? Who was the heartless? human beings, who were the brutes? human beings, who were the merciless? human beings..

now who is falling, moment by moment like leaves one by one and by dozens, falling again and again, with pain,leaving more in pain, who is the enemy?
no army no guns no bullets no bombs, just land to gain, whose land is it ? not mine not yours not really anyone else’s.
Wait, I think I know the enemy now, I am sure I see it, it is so familiar, so like the humans , so like us…in fact it is us’ the Fallen

From My Diary of Memoirs ~Christmas in the Nottingham Castle~

The sleek dark blue Mercedez Benz, came to a silent stop just outside the Nottingham Castle. Breathless I sat half numb, trying to believe what was in sight. Nottingham Castle walls solid historical magical mystical fort like, along side the cobbled street was clearly visible, ‘come,’ a voice startled me to reality.

I stepped out of the car on the cobbled street, walking slowly I felt like immersing each step deep in my memorable experiences, I was walking not on the historical cobbled street but on the pages of history. Not a soul in sight, silence engulfed the environment as we, my friend and I walked along the wall…presently the statue of Robin Hood came in view’ speechless I stared…for a while…’can we go inside the castle?’ ‘well, yes, this way’…soon we entered a muddy cave like small opening…set with small circular tables and small chairs -it was a cafe, people were present, young girls and boys, sharing laughing smiling drinking, I was conscious of light laughter, tinkling of glasses and some colorful lights , it was Christmas Eve…I wondered what Christmas would be like in the days of Robin Hood?

Outside the cafe it was  biting cold. I tightened the long black coat and spent a few moments admiring the brave leader of the forest. A strange Christmas eve,  yet one of the best I ever had.

 Next was the beautiful ‘Ye Olde Inn ‘ moment to capture, my love of literature and history combined to present an unforgettable time , moving on the ground where so many soldiers, musketeers, poets, knights, may be maidens, squires lords and ladies had once passed…the year 2003 was a different age-the rest was all bound in words in the books , the people all gone , the stillness was frightening…’let’s go home’. On this rare amazing trip one cannot forget the City Centre.

Merry Christmas ‘ the lights said, ‘a lovely treat a dream come true. The Almighty made it possible for me to see what I used to read in story books’ Miracles happen and will keep happening. ‘Silent Night Holy Night’

‘Joy to the World’…for me this was a miracle’

In Response to Lens-Artist P.A.Moed’s Photo Challenge #121: Focus on the Subject~ A City-Country Wedding ~ And a Visit to the Countryside ~

Once again the focus came to rest on the city of Sialkot in the North of Punjab province of Pakistan.The bride’s home town. The groom along with his family and friends prepares to bring his bride to his home in the city of Lahore, 70kms by newly built beautiful Motorway. Grace Marquee the venue of the reception.

Groom’s car is traditionally decorated. All set for departure to Sialkot.

Reception of the Groom and his family by traditional drummers playing on the glass top dance floor.
The exquisitely decorated dance floor. Focus on Flowers.
Lighter fireworks to boost the festivity and joy.

There is so much more to a traditional wedding.Dances dresses and decorations, elaborate expressions of happiness as two families tie the bonds.

After the hectic four day wedding schedule we managed to drive out to the countryside in a different Northern direction.Touching the Kala Chitta Ranges the land is extremely fertile,where crops as wheat and rice are grown and plenty of peanuts too.

Focus on a half ripe field while passing through. Here the road is single.

On the single road the only vehicles we met were tractors trolleys or carry trucks.This machine was one.
The camel facing the backside looked so innocent I could not resist taking a shot, in the delayed decision this was the result.But I am glad I clicked.
Finally on the way back the last passing shot was of one of the many brick kilns in the area.
A positive wave to an informative trip. What a contrast in the countryside,peaceful serene warm and comforting.

Thank you Dear Friend Patti. Whenever I get a chance to travel I look forward to the chance of taking special shots for my Lens Artists amazing Challenges.

And so FOCUS has a vital purpose.

Lens Artists Photo Challenge #118 ~ Biasini Speaks About Communication ~ Get The Message ?

2016- At a small fast food restaurant in Bani Gala, Islamabad. My two grandsons Mir Rayyan Rabbani and Mir Abdullah Umar waiting for their order. What has caught their attention more? “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, shall we guess?

Mir Abdullah happy to get a break from his study time. Admiring a Kashmiri Culture item the ‘Kaangrri’ a small woven basket with a clay pot inside to hold burning coal pieces…a heating source in Winters in the extreme cold snowy regions of our lost homeland Kashmir (Indian Occupied) Now ‘Kaangrri’ is a museum item,precious and rare. The innocent inborn love being communicated is so evident here.This shot is now a family classic. Culture must be preserved.

What a coincidence.The third shot again features Abdullah Umar . Here I found him communicating with the leaves and branches.The children loved this house and this terrace was their favorite place and with time they were able to reach out and touch the trees. The house was sold in 2014 and we shifted to Islamabad from Rawalpindi. How time and space combined with captured images make unforgettable memories.

In the year 2012 I was unwell for many months. Had to stay with my daughter.This view kept me thinking for a long time.I could see the plants through the window as I lay resting on the bed. I felt the plants tried to communicate with me. I am not sure about the truth but what I understood was that I was a witness to a unique form of captivity…the other side of life…me inside the room, on the bed and there outside were plants pots and flower beds…

And the most Glorious Communication I always feel is the Love and Beauty of Nature. The majesty of colors, the infinite vastness of the boundless sky, the serenity of the landscape,the never tiring creative forms of clouds, merging and emerging, sailing, rumbling, flashing, manifesting the Power of the Almighty. “There are signs for those who observe and think and try to understand”

“Stay close to Nature and thou shalt not err”. Alexander Pope.

Thank you for another wonderful captivating thought provoking Challenge.

In Response to Lens Artist Amy’s Photo Challenge # 117~A Photo Walk ~ More of a Photo Drive ~

What a lovely challenge “A Photo Walk” . Highly inspired I searched my albums. Realized that a walk with a camera was no where to be found.What emerged was images taken while in a car on the road. Well,so it came to be a photo drive.

A road in the outskirts of the capital Islamabad blocked by large stones to prevent drivers from misusing it,spoiling it even before it is completed.Human tendency is to be impatient,take shortcuts and to do things in a hurry.

A brave flower seller
Another roadside brave Cotton Candy Seller
Turning towards the Northern Area road we find such scenes .A pleasing sight for the eyes just a slight break in the drive.

A different mountain scene with the moon sneaking up behind in the evening sky. A brief stop on a drive on the hills near home Bani Gala Islamabad.

Drive slow and enjoy the scenery – drive fast and join the scenery.
Douglas Horton

Dear Father love respect and prayers for you,today the 4th of October –

Today, in the days of world war, you were born in the beautiful Northern Areas of Pakistan,in a place called Gilgit. Grandfather a dedicated prominent educationist was Head Master of Gilgit High School. As I write it is the 5th and World Teacher’s Day, so a double tribute is due.

Father you were a gifted doctor with the blessing of healing power. The world is in the grip of a terrible virus,many young and old have fallen victim to it I know you would have bravely faced it and comforted your patients well.

Happy Birthday for you were a saviour, a healer loving caring head of family and a profound inspiration for the younger generation.Your faith was strong and it guided us too through times of pain and suffering. You were a brave soldier playing your part with the Allied army against the Japs and Germans in WW2. but lost our beautiful native land Kashmir…Allah gifted us a new country Pakistan and we were safe.

Father I know you are in heaven because you worked hard and strived for the best in faith and true action.

May you be in in peace and light with angels serving you Thank you for all your love care and guidance which makes our life easy and peaceful in this world.

For Lens Artists Photo Challenge # 114 ~ Negative Space ~Nothing Negative Everything Positive ~

Yet there is a special beauty in negative space. In response to Dear Friend Amy’s Challenge, I wish to share a few images from my albums. Hope they are worthy of the theme.

Grandson Mir Rafay enjoying the shade of the pines. The place Murree Hills abbout 30 miles from Islamabad Capital Territory. A tourist’s delight and popular picnic spot.Photo Credit Mahrukh Salman

Younger brother Mir Abdul Sami has his own way of enjoying the environment. Photo Credit Mahrukh Salman

A passing shot of the sunset while turning on a bridge.Negative space shows more of the road which gives depth to the horizon. I hope it matches the technique.

This tree suddenly caught my eye and luckily there was time enough to capture a shot.
Sometimes nature view reveals unique aspects of our amazing planet. My country has sea only on one side the rest of the 1000 miles are mountains river valleys and dry land. A shot from the main road captured a small un metaled road leading to some unknown village. The beauty of the forest on one side and the mysticism of the lone tree on the other.