And Then I Felt a Hand …

Dearest Mother I Miss You

 exhausted after surgery, half dead

unthinking sleeping mind

surrendering to other hands eyes

and knives, busy on my clayey

lodgings, removing what lay

inside,  a life, to give lives unseen

unknown obeying the divine

Creator, creating motherhood

My eyes only saw eyes,

reflecting sympathy concern care

Chosen by The Supreme to help me

live, a little more, someone needs

my share of love, a little more, a duty

for  me is still to be done,and I have

to be with one who stands beside

a smile a gloved hand a voice soft

a heart learning for years, how to cure

now ready for sure more friends than

real friends ashore,

Why I keep forgetting the face

I see the vision the presence the grace

Mother, its you I see I feel in her, she

touched cleaned cut and stitched

came again and again and again

when I was stiff still senseless in pain

I felt a hand…a voice…twenty minutes more

a voice…calm, a look angel like…fear left me

and then there was peace

and I felt a hand on my forehead

My Brave girl’, was it the same voice ?

‘Mother Mother, Mother was there…

All the time with love and prayer

Nature may change the body for good

But never will  it take away the gift of  Motherhood’ ‘

And then I felt a hand on my forehead


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