Losing Hearts or…


I believe we have become poor.

Poor not in our inner resources on land but poor in the inner recesses of our weakening hearts.

Hearts weakened by the load of falsehood hatred jealousy envy hunger and desire.

Desire for the petty worldly objects.Objects of decoration,pleasure, taste,…wait

Wait wait wait

Who are you talking about?

WE? we are different and not ALL the people are like that-

well? look what is happening in the world

‘What? it is all normal,just war, which is normal is it not?

Oh Dear, is war normal?

War makes one poor’  men go to fight and die’ families become poor’ I mean …houses are destroyed,people are hurt,food is scarce,fear is ample…

fear yes,fear…but for  making war there is no fear…

children die women die humans die

This maybe is not war-it is Death in Disguise



2 thoughts on “Losing Hearts or…

  1. A very timely poem, Anjum. The morning news got to me today, my thoughts are running on these same lines……….when will we ever learn to see sameness instead of perceived difference? When will we learn that we can never achieve peace by waging war? Sigh. Great poem.

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