In Response to Susan Chast’s Poem ‘Agape’ ~ Love’s Visit A Presence ~


Inspired by Susan Chast’s Poetry.

While reading Susan Chast’s poems on her blog I discovered a strand of thought’ inclined towards seeking divine truths, the ability to accept the sublime  Presence’ and the fact that Someone else is in control-Ref to an article (quoted below)

‘When you are fully there, you will know. When you are fully present, the banquet will begin. When all three inner spaces (heart, mind, and body) are open and listening together, you are present. To be present is to know what you need to know in the moment. To be present to something is to allow the moment, the person, the idea, or the situation to influence you and even change you.’ ‘Richard Rohr    Mary, Model of Openness


Love’s Visit, A Presence 

and then I see you,
not your image,
but you yourself outlined,
smiling quietly, you descend –
I wait , trying to comprehend
your vision, your smile,
your thoughts take a form
and enter my world forlorn,
I have no way to stop or hold
the charming intrusion,
I just feel the emptiness,
filled with silence,

softly cold, yet completely cool,

I reach out, only to touch
I am engulfed in the fold
of a soft serene essence
tender, misty , comforting,
a sense unexplained, untold
is it real or is it a dream
I think, I try , I begin to cry
and drown into a happy numbness.


Love is unseen, love is a presence.




2 thoughts on “In Response to Susan Chast’s Poem ‘Agape’ ~ Love’s Visit A Presence ~

  1. Tears in my eyes. No wonder I hesitate. At first it could be unwelcome violation, but it is the opposite, an expansion of possibility, a decrease of pain. Thank you, Anjum Wasim Dar.

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