Freedom is Not a Gift’ A Dialogue of Memoirs


14th August is approaching…it will come…and pass…leaving hopefully good traces

Sleep seemed to have deserted me …or perhaps I had let it go myself…to reside where it was needed more and there are so many places where so many people  are restless and…sleepless and so  many were …what times were those…so many stories have been told of those days and nights, happy times when the family had peaceful plenty dinner of boiled rice and night-long cooked meat and vegetables ,the dish called ‘Shab Deg’ and ‘the sacred excited festivity of Ramazan, with all praying together standing behind Grand Father’ and the Renaissance reading learning word building, and..when the roads were roads, one could travel by  finely painted Tongas led by horses with polished leather reins, at night one could see the oil lamps lit on the sides and the faint smell of the oil did not bother the sensorial system rather whiffed by like scented rose and I loved it…like a scene from a Sherlock Holmes adventure…

thus my thoughts rolled along the ocean waves of my memories when the random drifting was dipped by …

a slight sound jolted me slightly-it is my unseen night visitor, surely…somehow in my subconscious I too wait for the visit…

What keeps you awake ? or shall I say what inspires you to stay up? I hesitated then barely managed to say ‘fear’ and… and? love’ Ah love love Oh my … No No its not what you are thinking…far away from Romanticism and yet right in the midst of it..(aside)…’dying in its own too much’…

‘what is that ? ‘Oh nothing – its something Shakespeare said and I believe not all people can understand him or his words’ ‘yet another thought of what is the truth,or do I wait for someone or something…or is there a presence unseen in the room where I stay most of the time…I wonder..

Last month it was Ramazan the days of compulsory fasting abstinence tolerance patience and …training ‘every year this training period comes but wither any learning about tolerance or peace or kindness or… ‘this is August-the freedom month,hot but happy, a time to be grateful…but what is happening…freedom fighting is still going on…’what a mess -all together’ I feel so heavy and …confused

the heart is heavy,  what, wither Independence. Just a few years ago or more maybe, the family finally together in the new country would be gathered in the living  cum dining room, in the evenings -in winters it would be a game of chess or bridge after dinner

Summers were wonderful with home made ‘wooden bucket ice cream’ after dinner story telling or poetry sessions- a competition of reciting  Allama Dr Iqbal’s verses. This is what has inculcated the love of poetry in m….

I wonder why no one else caught this…? what?

the love of poetry only I seem to be suffering from what I can now define and call myself’

and that is?

‘ being a ‘scripturient’ …

‘poetry is an art and poets are born …

‘I was born in war …

may I ask something?

yes please I keep answering others -what about my questions? OK …go ahead…

why did you select this photograph of your leader?

Oh don’t you see? real leaders celebrate Eid Day with their people and our Great Leader can be seen here…

No but why the Eid pic…there must be another reason’ I know you are a Gemini and Geminians always have a double cause…a double…

Ok I… to share with you there is another reason…I have great respect regard and love for one sitting just behind the Quaid, smiling so happily with his eyes down,

who is he? handsome guy

He is …now was…my dearest Uncle …a great leader…my earliest memories are his dashingly stepping out of a light blue Chevrolet car all smiling (never saw him frown) and then a flash of a steam engine powerfully hissing to a stop and there he was standing in the doorway, all smiles, it was Winter I can still feel the warmth of his coat as he lifted and hugged me I was 6 or 7 then …life had begun happily in a new country…free as we all thought…we had been given a free country as I read later in school…The Colonialists left the Sub continent …divided…

and so the freedom day is just round the corner’

what is freedom -do you really understand?

well I have my freedom…I am FRE…F R E….Fre…

‘it is not FRE it F R E E free…

well I am the one who is free so I will spell it as I like it…this is the real freedom

Yes this is the real freedom’ but wait … who’s there?

The Free Spirit’

Oh, another lesson to be learnt before leaving…the lessons are always good…but I am FREE…do I have to listen?

Yes, Freedom means to obey the Law and The Greatest Law is the Law of The Creator’

Today I have …something you may not like…

No No I will listen,please….

Here goes…Cheer Up now

Freedom is not a Gift

Remember It has to be earned the hard way with great effort and sacrifice’

‘never a follower  freedom fighter be

nor keep a stick handy nor join a party

nor go to a restaurant or a food street

where unknown is the source of water and meat

make it neat keep it neat do not eat do not eat

do not stamp your feet, but  be loyal on the beat

Seriously? ‘Hey its freedom day

‘you will never be serious and that is why the country never progresses

I am serious now very serious in fact so serious I am considering to go find a rope …and take my freedom myself’

Now that is not fair’ –

well what do you know about fairness?

and justice?


and equality?


may be tomorrow night…and so we played hopscotch and marbles and if marbles were not handy the winter afternoons always had ‘walnuts’

‘walnuts became the marbles …

those were happy afternoons of Freedom…

Freedom is A Gift…Hope we can keep it safe…


2 thoughts on “Freedom is Not a Gift’ A Dialogue of Memoirs

  1. I wonder why no one else caught this…? what?
    the love of poetry only I seem to be suffering from ”

    Ha! And yet to be so is a gift … A very intriguing reminiscence.

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