Freedom Movement in a Free Country ! A Dialogue of Memoirs ~ Part 3

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Like the German Blitz but no planes… heavy smoke gun fire shells bursting people screaming …sirens… is here …happening now…here on this land with my own people by my own people and it is  a long struggle …I wonder if we are back in time….

It is the third night since I have begun this strange dialogue… we do long for good reasoning discourse sprinkled with intellectual thoughts wisdom and  poetics …the computer does not approve of the word poetics …it gives a red line…Ignore….

It is dark.Not far from  my humble dwelling History is in the making as hundreds of men women and children are sitting in front of the Parliament building to protest for Justice…they are my people, the people of my country, the  middle class hard working tax paying people but …they have become victims of oppression, brutal treatment,injustice inflation, by power in the wrong hands …. …the year is 2014 seems like 1857 in the Indo Pak Sub continent…and I am awake…sleep is nowhere to be seen or felt…nor possible…

They are calling it as ‘Bloody Night in Red Zone’ Red Zone ? The phrase rings a bell but with a different tune, a jingle of excitement.I remember ‘Red Enclosure’ ‘Blue Enclosure’ even a ‘White Enclosure’ These were seating areas allocated for different  families in a stadium or a Parade Ground.People had their tickets and color cards and there would be no confusion nor rush nor extra standing’ on the sides..there were color marked parking areas too–the whole program was very well organized…one I can never forget was The National Horse and Cattle Show’. The word ‘Enclosure’ was friendly accepting guiding and accommodating’ but the word’ Zone’ sounds so harsh tough stony and ‘ Don’t Come Near’….and now the latest is ‘container’ which has almost sealed the torture’…Alas!

I hear…it seems…yes…indeed it is… The March…is it  the Azadi  March…if it be so…it is…aptly rightly suitably…now for so many days and nights…and I think of …March the 15th…The Ides of March the Day Allah took father away to Heaven, somehow the word March has a streak of shock and horror, Uncle Khurshid’s   last day on this planet … 11th March…one of the heaviest painful shocking day of my life, I a witness to the burial the last prayer and the last salute in the early hours…it was raining continuously…the grave filled up …we sat silently just five of us of the family who  stayed till the final lowering…..the grieving public gone home …only the police guard some government officials,a few faithful and  the undertakers doing their duty…the AZADI Fighter the  Liberation League  Leader …was now with the Creator…and all was over but…I hear  again…it is …The March of the Hundred Pipers’ Play on…

The Pipe Band played it so well… I loved it, I would be excited to be invited to  a Dinner Night’ because it was only on some occasions that families were asked to join. All officers had to wear a uniform called The Blue Patrol, so graceful grand elegant everyone looked- I felt so proud of Father, smart and always smiling- in- uniform,                                                                                                                                                               images

The Reunion Dinners were a treat-not the food but the ‘gathering and the  Band …unforgettable

Sunday UNIT Family picnics all the way to Batal Shinkiyari Mansehra Thandiani Thai Rest House Simla Paharri…hmmnnn those were the days..some of the best in Abbottabad .in the Northern Areas…almost all the picnic spots were visited…where to go next?

‘Strange so strange but perhaps… surely this is...really happening…life is like this …or it is always said ‘life is like that’...time moves seems just a few moments ago it was last night...but so many hours have passed, so many days,I wait again as events flash by…I have always waited…why do I find myself waiting…when it is always the same ‘destiny is in a name…life is a game played by all the same….O poetry you penetrate my soul and take me out of my clayey covering, you make me  oblivious of my self, and I am all involved in the dense rainy forests squeezing through thick growth just missing the parakeets screech and drum beats of RIO the beautiful creatures, finally flying out like Peter Pan reaching  the cosmos of constellations Oh what brightness what glory meets the eye…boundless vault stretching for miles across under a dome of immeasurable heights  in the universe…Oh  Oh it comes again a sinking feeling  it pushes my sleep away  wakes me…that familiar pull deep in the heart when someone thinks of me…I know who it is…who thinks of me at this time …distances disappear and I am close…I can see feel but not hear…sometimes I hear too….but Allah reveals only that which He wills…  

‘Ah How should I feel now, the day has been heavy,praying has been heavy, the media loud and frightening, O Dear Father of the Nation ‘ If only Allah had given you more time in this world, Death be not proud’ No Sir, ‘There is a beginning and an end’, the ‘End ‘ is not Death’ it is a Passing Over’.The line is thin and fine as a silk thread.It shines for The Good but it is black and ‘cutting for ‘the ‘Disbelievers’.

‘In my beginning is my end’ how often my Teacher would repeat this phrase and also the line ‘There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so’ John Milton… and T S Eliot… John Donne and I wonder,how much of English literary affairs stays in my mind…Literature seeps keeps surfing…I love…whom do I love? If I do love…love leaves…goes away…in body but not in soul or spirit or mind….there we come back to the ‘Mind’  …my friend will not come tonight …mind ..

.Oh Mind come back from the vast super continent …forget that you will ever go there again…but why not…in the mind you can any time… if you have some imagination…No a vision of the Saviour would that also be ….imagination ? time is passing..but somehow today I had more of William Golding in my thoughts ‘Ah The Lord ‘ of The Lies’ sorry…The Flies’ who are the Flies? here …anyone? looks as if tonight is not the night…but lets see…waiting is ordained and a peaceful waiting brings rewards…

………………………………………………….who’s there?….. Oh what a relief…I thought you would not make it…time was getting short…

‘Oh I have no desire to disappoint you, you know that don’t you? so what’s up tonight’

‘not something philosophical I assure you but something really thought provoking…and thinking about the ‘Mind and Mindset’

Oh Dear its the Mind a ‘beautiful mind’ but I have a question….people seem to be losing their minds…I saw hundreds waving their arms raising colored flags making victory signs, they are brave I must say, sitting in the open, on the ground…then I thought they were forming lines as if getting ready …one line really frightened me…so many were wearing white…gowns..I had a deep feeling of ‘ of…shrouds’…Oh Dear….

‘It is a revolution,  called ‘Inqilaab’ It is History in the making -a double March both player and prayer together-Ha what an idea what a concept ! Prayer and Player…One Leader is a Player and the Other Leads a Prayer’ both stand in front of the masses and have the ability to’Move Motivate and Manipulate the Masses…of course towards better goals of life’….

‘what about their mindset? can we really believe that they are not trained for violence?

‘did you see any guns or machine guns or rifles or….

‘er…no…just waving arms and yes thin long sticks…I guess like the shepherds goad’ but not too many…

‘well so whats the harm one needs something to ward of stray dogs or rodents….or sudden attackers and there have been cases of pick pocketing…that perhaps was more common in Dickens Books…but I guess when severe hunger strikes one is justified to pick a pocket eh?

or steal a  school lunch’ Oh well, when it is on a large scale and people start committing suicides than it is something serious’

when we talk of freedom we talk of ‘minds and great thinking’ How did our great leader think? How did he make his decisions about law about justice about equality about being the true peaceful Muslim? do you know ‘he had a Thinker with him’ Ah ‘A Thinker  A Philosopher and above all a point which makes me happy as well as sad -both at the same time’

Now why is that..I guess humans are like that-dual and a bit of a dueling kind…

‘well, firstly because Dr Allama Iqbal was a Great Poet’


Yes  ahan’ but my people have forgotten him they only know his face, but not his poetry, his beliefs about faith education and remember’ Self’ Allah had given him a great mind…a mind to think’

‘so now we have more of Un Thinking Minds ‘ than ….

no but times have changed -we are thinking we are awakening to Change…we do want now the picture fits in a Freedom March in a Free country…we had the land but we still did not get our ‘mind ‘ back…we had become like the Laputans’ always needing a pat or a push on the flapper’ so actually the march is to free the mind’ the thinking’ the way we were has to change…’we are awake’ we must recognize the enemies within…the enemies gave the call by breaking the chain of command and the police fired….see the mind set ? kill and Stay’ Kill and Rule’ so what in crores if a few hundred will die’  but this is not freedom nor Independence

I am now seeing the new way .the way to freedom it will not be easy as winter seems to be setting in…

yes and I need to finish my last season’s knitting projects… its my mind too…I have not been sleeping well since the March began, I need a great deal of concentration to knit but …I find  I have  the History in the Making on my mind…listening to speeches and ‘breaking News’ ‘whole nation is now up and ‘thinking’ …mind”’ you know that ‘mysticism and the mind are relative terms’ Einstein’s mind is said to be the ‘mind of a mystic’ He writes ‘the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.It is the source of all true art and science.He to whom this emotion is a stranger who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed’

so freedom is a matter of thought -if we think right we live right eh? we cannot be slaves to anyone or any system…I am enjoying this philosophy-I close my eyes but I can still see …and in another case…I have no way, therefore I want no eyes I stumbled when I saw’…one should not be blind to the corruption in one’s life’ like…like….the King…are all kings deliberately blind?

Oedipus Rex was The king who came to know quite late the crime he had committed…and then stabbed  out his eyes himself’ ‘Corruption is done by the spiritually blind and this is the state when the Mind is not thinking…thinking’ yes but falsely…and of greed…

hmmn this makes me so heavy so how about something from the lighter is your poet friend?

fine and far away in silence we meet in darkness we play as letters and words connect us almost every day and night’

day and night?

well when she is in daylight I am in darkness and when it is dark in her part of the world the sun brightens up my world here…so I like it this way as long as we play and feel good…and write and share words in forms…

then your minds are free…free to think play write without any containers and policemen or the danger of tear gas’

yes, we are and life is good and I am so grateful so when I think about this aspect I have just ‘tears’ of peace and happiness’ I hope we dont have anymore of tear gas ….I see light outside the window…and…Oh time over…freedom where art thou? In Red Zone my people are waiting and hoping and praying…I notice that it is my turn to make a word….my friend must be waiting…

so till next time…if….


2 thoughts on “Freedom Movement in a Free Country ! A Dialogue of Memoirs ~ Part 3

  1. You have expressed yourself wonderfully,I can feel your pain, sometimes we can only pray, hoping Almighty God would help us and I am sure He will!

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