Superstitions ~ Messages In The Clouds ~ The Return ~ A Dialogue of Memoirs 2015

IMG_20150614_165430_793 It appeared again,moving,slowly towards the left,across the cupboard door,rising slightly…I looked at the ceiling…it was dark…I looked at the window…it did not reflect any moonlight…there was no opening in the walls from where such a small circular piece of light could pass through…No it was not my imagination…it was real…silent…at a distance…created fear …I half rose on the bed,frozen,eyes glued to the small coin of light…then …it disappeared as it had come…no trace no sound…I was no longer afraid.The room was haunted. I knew. And so I knew so many other things.I am superstitious’ but how did I come to be that? ‘No nail cutting at night’ no cleaning or sweeping the rooms at sunset,the broom is evil,do not leave hair in the comb it may be used for magic against you…throw salt over the shoulder if you spilt some…

O come now,please…you may add…stay quiet at night…and then we may never share our thoughts or give guidance, so how come..such a rare topic so strongly open tonight?

well,it happened at least three times…

now what may that be,please…a cat came in loaded with fleas,the pet dog became ill and passed away in heavy rain,so sad so tragic but Death is a reality…

Oh you know all about the pets…no no it was the flour…while I was making the ‘roti’ I made it whenever there was a need for it or the kids wanted a ‘paratha’ a salty fried roti’ tasty with sauce or omelette or fried egg…a small bit would just fly off and land on the stove or fall down…this happened at least three times and I found myself saying…’O the flour flew’ ‘atta urra’…someone is coming…someone who has been away for years,or someone who has been a captive will be released and will come home…it is not just anyone…it is someone special…this is the belief when a small piece of ‘flour flies and falls off ……

I see and did anyone come?

well, it suddenly dawned on me and I called out loud..see’my friend has come back after 43 years…I had given up…but see…there she was with my photograph,on Twitter with a lovely message of good wishes.’Oh Mom,this can happen without the flour flying…’my daughter expressed her pure opinion- well the flour was telling me something’ …”superstition is like getting a message from nature or through an animal or an object as…spirits are definitely connected in some way and try to communicate…I’ like a dedicated knowledgeable teacher started stating the definition of ‘Superstition and its origins and History…my daughter smiled and walked to the kitchen…lets wait and see

‘is there anyone else you have in mind or heart that may be the one?

yes there is one person …but I will leave all this to Nature and Time…but let me share something that came recently from the Clouds’

The Clouds? there you go again…

No I love Nature and I seek Divinity I seek Master’s messages and I wait…

Oh I know so how do you think I am here…? lets see

IMG_20150614_165430_793 I drew an outline to highlight what my mind was perceiving…well?

hmnn this is your ‘love of knitting and yarn and the sheep’ and the parrot is the pet that kept you company at your daughters home…

tell me about this one…IMG_20150614_170523_603

well again it is your perception…the fear of doing wrong and awareness of its result…’those who go astray, do not forgive,nor repent must be prepared to face the test’Life has a purpose which must be fulfilled’…a duty to perform…

‘awakened we are to the desires forbidden,asleep we are on the fires we should kindle’

This is the best time of the year to forgive repent and pray for one’s own forgiveness…with my quest in the clouds I am sad and disappointed…but I have my own view of the rainbow…the essence of purity,the grandeur of water,the pinnacle amalgamation of color, the classicism of creation,the spherical microcosm of divinity,the majestic manifestation of beauty …a miniature reflection of the vast boundless magnificence of the Universe…I don’t remember seeing many…now clouds attract me….but climatic conditions have changed extensively, as deforestation has its effects, lakes have dried up…is the Earth getting dry? can’t be…the seas and oceans are full and will be so…but it is all so worrying…where are people going?

to find rainbows I guess...a rainbow is a very rare happening it comes in rain and the sunlight…combining the two…if you have seen a real rainbow you are specially keep looking…and praying and the needy..teach and above all ‘Keep Teaching Yourself’ and so to the clouds my wings will take me…

‘The Return’ is for those who wait who have learnt to be patient…who do not seek a reward for what they do but try to do good for …

‘Come to Prayer  Come to Success’…Come to Prayer….


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