A Story A Day ~ 6 ~ Beyond The ‘Samosa Treat’

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‘painful hunger pangs,spasms deep inside,helplessness abides’from a distance aromas sail closer,salty fried fresh food, benumbed the senses, faintness took over, moments later eyes saw a hand beckoning..’who? me? the young guard in uniform,sitting uncomfortably on the small stool, standing from time to time then bending over…the look vacant…searching the crowd in vain…

yes,you come here, a lady affirmed with a nod of her head,standing by the car she had noticed the guard…

‘here take this shopping bag, some samosas …’

no no madam,well, er…er…

come on take it,you need to eat and I need to give’…

without another word the guard accepted and returned to his post,soon I noticed that shielding himself partly by the verandah pillar, he ate the samosa in a handful..he had not eaten for hours…

‘he could not, he did not,he was not able to, he had nothing in his pocket…he only had a prayer in his heart, a silent prayer…’please send me something to eat just a samosa’

he knew the samosa shop was nearby…

and  Allah Almighty heard him..for He is the All hearing….a waiting husband bought four samosas..he ate one and kept the other three ..two for the wife and one for himself…’I will eat the other when I get home’

Oh samosas,wow so thoughtful of you I wanted to have one…Oh poor guard ,he seems so weak,why not get a couple for him too…I cant eat here in front of him’

‘and there, the wish was granted’ share what the Lord sends you …all are His gifts and blessings….

The samosas so shared …the aroma must have traveled high up in the skies, definitely some angels too enjoyed the ‘Samosa Treat’

Jazakallah  jazakallah’…someone said

She turned around..there was no one..the verandah in front was empty..there was no one on duty…


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