Hope Manifest in The Guiding Star’ Return of the Mysterious Dialogue 2017

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When I feel heavy, when my heart is somewhere far away from me, when I experience helplessness, a strange emptiness I move towards my pencil and paper…I stare and desire to write, to scratch, to draw, to say it all in words…and then I know I am at peace…writing brings peace and reading , more so…but then what is there on paper…

it so happened as night took over, I woke up with a start, something brought me to full consciousness…I lay not quite frozen, rather a bit warm, wondering what could it be…is there someone on the roof? a cat? a prowler? let me see…er..check the time…the small clock showed 2.30 a.m. Oh…the T 20 match we lost ,what purpose lies in this game,I wonder…. game ended at  about 12…Princess time…and hardly two and a half hours have passed…they say there are unseen beings living around…some try to put you to sleep others wake you’

come offer your midnight prayers…so I started reciting holy verses…I keep the rosary close, it shines in the dark and I like that…other items close to the pillow are: a torch, a bottle of Vicks vaporub, my medicine pouch, and my small book of prayers’ sometimes my notebook and a pencil is also not far, and recently I have been keeping my knitting stuff handy too…

How does one keep track…or find out about any ‘others’ in the room…if any…the neighbors house is rather close to the bedroom wall and many sounds and voices can be heard…perhaps some sound came from there…

one thing strange I just noticed…no barking of dogs have I heard in the past month…just the growling of cats a couple of times…

the electricity goes off without warning and there is darkness over everything …well for some time…I wonder what people do during those hours…maybe I will write a book on ‘Load shedding Time Activities’

Oh the light blinked …is it the unseen friend…must ask…

‘Salam, the blinking light called me, afraid are you…be afraid only of The Malik The King…Majestic…

Salam Peace to you’ Oh yes, yes, the guidance has come, the awareness has dawned, alas for so many years there was dark ignorance…

Be at peace if guidance has come and is coming…hold strongly the rope of faith..Chapter Name:Al-Emran Verse No:150

بَلِ اللّهُ مَوْلاَكُمْ وَهُوَ خَيْرُ النَّاصِرِينَ {150

tonight’s message..and no worries about strange sounds, The King has a law for everything and it is given..seek and you shall find….then remember..remember….time time …time..and ..more duty…..

look the star is shining….


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