In Response To ~ Respected Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt: Transition #writephoto ~ The Answer To The Quest’


I know not why there are these distances,
why thoughts come to a thoughtless spirit,
no reason explains feelings that  creep  in
heart and soul, no link visible, no sound

 audible yet, someone is present unknown
yet known, an abstract  void surrounds
a mystical veil covers, yet uncovers all
a door opens, to an empty  freeway , but

motionless, eyes closed, I sail through ,
know not where to go, who waits ,thinks ,
                                                          cares, wants, wishes, or desires secretly
                                                           to share , talk, laugh, smile, it is maybe

always a maybe, I am there, yet so far
but in a misty distanced  dark hidden
chamber, am I finally there ? I wonder-
I am grateful , I am, a present,not  a past,

and I know not why there are these lists
why names have to be in this way, cast?
are lists sacred,    must they be made?
must the sequence be so  orderly  laid ?

I am grateful, what if I had a number?
would I be human without a grumble
not really I guess I am, but somehow
always,almost the forgotten one, the last,

so it seems to me, O secret spirit, seems
but I do not wish to be the first, where
do I wish to be then, 
I know not why,
if there would be numbers 
but numbers

are sacred , holy, Oh  wait oh wait,
quiet now, Oh, what a huge keyhole
I wonder who is going to pass through
maybe a giant, or the one eyed Cyclops

I wonder what size would be the key
or maybe there is no need for it, just see
strange, that the walls are  so ruined 
while the lawn is neat and well pruned 

the smaller door seems jammed tight
would I be able to open and pass through?
nice place quiet peaceful but so deserted
maybe Rapunzel Sleeping Beauty were right

but why do I wish to go across, curiosity kills
and it’s better to wait and see who comes in
still in these thoughts she saw  a large hand
descend from the sky and lift the garden, high

Oh, why  is the lovely garden lifted  shaken?
Unknown is the future make not any plans
world’s beauty in vain ‘pretty eyes may roll’
‘charm strikes the sight but merit wins the soul”

all was about to fall,you are safely taken aside
 well, I am the One who can see through all the
doors and keyholes , and I don’t need  any keys’
if you wish to win bow  be often on your knees

Open ways are always good, light shines
I am the first here, I know, do you ? Ah!
be patient and wait for time’for a change
why we always wish to be first in range ?

It was then all clear to her,she was blessed
Oh now she  knew the answer to the quest
Who so ever is at the last, surely is taken
as among the most worthy, valued and best .

10 thoughts on “In Response To ~ Respected Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt: Transition #writephoto ~ The Answer To The Quest’

    1. Thank you so much Dear Friend Sue I’m so glad you liked the poetic story Your prompts are superb too and make the writers think and enjoy creating a piece. Welcome and Thank you once again


      1. I really wanted to write on the three witches too but time was out of joint I love English Literature History and all the Medieval folklore I enjoyed this one too


      2. well,if there is domestic help around then maybe but still would not be enough…I am only able to write in the small hours , so much noise pollution around in our present residential area..but I am grateful that the Almighty gives me enough and as long as His grace lasts well lets see what can be managed.Thanks again


      3. best wishes to you It is indeed an honor and pleasure to know you and share our love of writing.Thank you Enjoy Stay Blessed amen


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