Lens-Artists Challenge #63 –For Ann Christine’s Magical Mother Nature ~ My Magical Roadside World of Nature ~

My traveling by road was limited from 2011 on wards, though inland from my city Rawalpindi to the Capital city Islamabad,  due to social circumstances as well as medical reasons.It was a difficult uncertain time as tests were done and results began to change my life. Trips for medical checkups were tense.Finally one for the major surgery and later (with Allah’s Blessings) back home trip, when lying on the backseat I held on with the pain while my younger daughter (May Allah bless and reward her and her family for the best of everything amen) slowly drove the car home.Nothing could I see but the roof of the car and passing flashes of treetops and buildings. There are times when one is so bound and helpless.Then the only thought is the prayer to the Almighty for forgiveness and help….

Allah is Most Gracious and Most Merciful
With His Blessings I was well enough to travel and on the way, to capture the  Magical Beauty  of Nature. Here in response to Dear friend Ann Christine’s Theme of Magical Mother nature I would like to share some views I managed to capture. In all of them I see the Magnificent Majestic Power of the Greatest Artificer The Divine Creator

On way to Islamabad~ Sunset with a cloudy sky.The spread out developing outskirts of the twin cities


As we drove on the sunset remained in view for quite some time and as it grew darker some lights were visible at a distance. How wired is city life. We depend on these lines. The clouds spread the magical amalgamation of gold and blue.


My younger sister came to Pakistan   from Buffalo New York last year  for a short visit. Landing at the Provincial capital of the Punjab i.e. the Historical Mughal City of Lahore, she drove straight to our home town Abbottabad in the Northern Province The Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa (aka KPK ) This gave me an opportunity to travel by road, a two and a half hours journey home. It was a highly emotional trip. I watched the scenery through the camera lens, through the window of the Daewo Travel Coach. Many magical green images kept flashing past. Sharing two selected for this feature I hope you will like the country side  on way to my beloved home town. 

A small mosque came in view built amid the lush green trees and bushes.A peaceful and serene setting. A few miles from the growing town of Haripur. 

IMG_20190413_090141 (1)

Fertile fields are spread left and right of the main road, now a grand four lane motorway also the beginning of the Great Silk Route to Place Khunjrab  Pass at the Chinese Border 

IMG_20190413_081333 (1)

When the distance is about ten miles short of Abbottabad the road leads from the harvest fields  into the mountain ranges. A pure magical sight, endless beauty, fresh air and a heavenly fragrance is spread all over mixed with the sweet scent of pine. While writing I am experiencing severe feelings of nostalgia, going home but knowing that I will not find my loving welcoming parents was  a heavy feeling at the time, but meeting my sisters soon removed that sadness.


Back home another short trip to Islamabad for a Reading Session.Outside the Pak-China Cultural center I found this magical cluster of wild flowers 

IMG_20190420_100132 (1)

                             “No one weaves the exquisite quite like Mother Nature.”

Foster Kinn

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15 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #63 –For Ann Christine’s Magical Mother Nature ~ My Magical Roadside World of Nature ~”

  1. we have different faiths – but I can relate to the wonderful divinity found in your story and photos –
    also – I have family in buffalo and whew – that is some journey to go from there to Pakistan =

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  2. Mother Nature is truly amazing and it’s a real blessing when we can turn towards the light and experience this even in difficult circumstances. We hope you will continue to make a good recovery 💞💜💞

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  3. How great you could find all this beauty despite being in pain. And going home…is often a thing of mixed feelings. So glad you are getting better and have your family around you. And, such beautiful nature close to your home, Anjum. When you describe the fragrance and scent of pine – it touched all my senses too. Be well!

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    1. Dear Friend Leya Thank you for your visit and most kind wishes.It is all because of you and your most talented lens artist friends that I am able to share my passion and love of nature .You all made it possible and the Almighty took me to you all because He knows and knew what I was in need of and asking. So I am deeply grateful to Him and All of you and all my viewers and readers.


  4. Beautiful post, Anjum. I am so sorry for your pain and I hope now you are much, much better. I was very touched by your reflections about home and your images of such a beautiful place. I am so glad you were able to share that trip with your sister. Your religious faith and love are very beautiful and powerful.

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    1. Dear Friend Pattimoed Your loving words and thoughts bring me much affection courage and joyful feelings.My faith gives me strength and hope and we as a family always loved to be close to nature, for picnics trips, sight seeing and feeling the Oneness of the Great Power. Love of nature is my inheritance from my parents My father loved the out door life being a Kashmiri, born in the wonderland of Gilgit in the North of Pakistan he decided to settle in Abbottabad for it was like Srinagar of Pakistan but without a lake.So Abbottabad became my hometown as well as the birthplace of my three children. Thank you I will feature Abbottabad in this series before the week is over Insha allah Thank you so much It is all because of you Tina Amy and Ann that I am able to write and share my stories. Thankyou and God Bless all.

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