Lens -Artist Challenge # 67~ Layered ~ By Respected Amy Ji ~Magical Revelation ~

The Lens Artist Challenges are becoming exciting week by week, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share the beautiful memorable amazing unique and incredible creative images of the natural world around us. Be they in the skies on land or the ocean depths. Creativity of nature is boundless variegated and in uncountable layers…In the human mind body and spirit is even more magnificent.

“The mind in its natural state can be compared to the sky, covered by layers of cloud which hide its true nature.”
-Kalu Rinpoche
One Winter afternoon I had to wait outside a  college office where I had to report for an interview.As I waited for the call a silent voice told me to look up at the sky. Subhaan Allah ~ Allah be praised ..the beautiful pattern of clouds spread all over the sky was simply amazing  profoundly majestic. I am fortunate to be a witness to natures fabulous magnificent  exquisite designs, once revealed they are transformed into  new ones.




Behind every cloud is another cloud. –   Judy Garland


Those clouds are angels’ robes. –    Charles Kingsley


The trees that we planted in front of our small cottage style house grew tall strong and beautiful. They changed colors blossomed into large clusters of flowers and had glorious petals and leaves. Divinity lived in them. The most loved cared for touched and photographed,they were also the center of many stories also. From my repertoire of tree images I share the following in which I find some elements of ‘Layers’…


“We live beneath many layers. Some are for our protection, and some are for our control.”
― Russell Eric Dobda

CER Project 22 023

Layer by layer art strips life bare
Robert Musil

A view of the porch at my daughters house in Islamabad. I found the scene different through the netted door, crossing the parked cars, the bolted gate, across the road to the double storey house opposite this one.


Two shots of Rawalpindi City. This one was taken while driving on the The Mall Road. The clouds caught my attention with their different patterns and layers,as eagles and crows were hovering in the area.


A view of a road in Old Rawalpindi City. The unique layered design of a triple storey house attracted the camera eye. The house is now a combination of old and new but constructed on the same foundation.The living style in the early 1900’s was a line of shops on the ground floor and living quarters on the first second and sometimes the third floor. The open top commonly used for kite flying or keeping pigeons as pets.
This area was inhabited by the Sikh community before the Great Partition of 1947.


My favorite photo in this challenge collection is this image of a strange angel like cloud formation I was lucky to see, one late afternoon towards the West. At first I thought it might be an angel with wings spread out, but as it drew near there arose three straight parallel lines from the wings and manifested the Divine.


IMG_1927 (1).JPG


The   Greatest