Lens Artist Challenge # 73 ~ Cold ~ By Tina R. Schell ~ Snowfall was a Joyful Cold Surprise ~



A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky – unbidden –
and seems like a thing of wonder.           
Susan Orlean

Life kept me mostly in the Northern Areas of the Indo Pak Subcontinent Pakistan  but not in a snowfall area. Though born in a city of snowfall called Srinagar it was never destined to see my growth, nor I to see its  occupation by the enemy. Allah saved us from the torture pain and  agony of  separation from native soil. Our elders suffered and that was terrible. Now that city has a new name and I have a Lost and Missing Identity. But I love my present place adopted by my grandparents  and I pray for it.
Winters are cold and Summers quite  hot  Autumn  has its own grace and Spring is beautiful with blooming gardens  but no snowfall.

This day was a rare one, when a sudden snowfall was a joyful surprise and a rare photograph taken on the terrace of a house, now no longer ours. We have a treasure of  unforgettable memories.
For Tina Ji’s Challenge  Cold, I finally decided to share this personal photograph and a poem I wrote with it. So here it is for this week…Dear Friend Tina and All my Reader Friends.


Oh The snow still and soft

Soberly silently white

Clean and fresh lying there

People stepping around

with care

Loving its touch

Liking it much

Feeling extremely cold

But trying to be bold

Splashing and swishing

Branches bowing down low

Bearing the apparently

soft burden

Oh people passing close

The smoky breaths

The noses so red

Hands in gloves

Scarves round the head

The huddled looks

The long boots

The misty screens

All is white –no green.

Indoor hands facing the fire

Everyone in warm attire

Oh of what does one think

A cozy bed and a hot drink.



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anjum wasim dar

Writer Award Winning Poet Educator Researcher ELT Professional Married

5 thoughts on “Lens Artist Challenge # 73 ~ Cold ~ By Tina R. Schell ~ Snowfall was a Joyful Cold Surprise ~”

    1. Thank you Tina Ji We sold this terrace house in 2014 and moved to our present residential area Bani Gala a valley close to mountain ranges of Margalla and Murree Hills (7000ft) above sea level, which means we have snowfall places just 35-40kms from here. My Home town Abbottabad has snowfall in Winters but very light. It is 70 kms from here and is 4000ft above sea level.

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