For Lens-Artist Photo Challenge # 74 ~ By P.A. Moed ~ Abstract ~ From Kiawah to Pakistan ~




‘On earth are Signs for those whose Faith is certain. And also in yourselves. Will you not then see? The Quran 51 : 20-21

Accepting the Unique Challenge by Lens Artist P.A. Moed and Inspired by Lens Artist  Tina R Schell’s  Fantastic Work  I wish to share a photograph of a glorious sunset scene in the capital city Islamabad of my country Pakistan. The photograph was taken on  Sunday evening, the 24th of November 2019 respectively.
I have tried the  digital technology techniques to show  Abstract Artistic variations of one single image.The inspiration comes from Lens Artist Tina Schell’s magnificent work.

A personal touch in this post goes back to my college years when desiring to be a Fine Art student I had taken up the subject along with Geography and Psychology. My Principal called me  and told me that it would be too much practical work maybe for my own good future I should rethink and change one practical subject. I was asked to make a choice between Fine Arts and Geography and given two weeks to decide. After only a week of attending classes I had given up Fine Arts.I have never regretted my decision, and I remain grateful to my most gracious Guide (Late) Dr Kaneez Fatimah Yusuf  P.G. Govt. College for Women 6th Road Rawalpindi Pakistan.
I have a lot of art work to my credit by the Grace of the Almighty. Follow the given link to view it on

In the mind of every artist there is a masterpiece. Kai Greene

Pencil Gray scale

bw4 (10.jpg


Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.         Leonardo da Vinci


© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar

Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings.      Agnes Martin


© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar

Mosaic  Bubbles

mos4© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar


Line Drawing

line© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar


Light Screen

light4.jpg© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar

Cross Etching

crisscross etching.jpg© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar


Plastic Wrap

plastic wrap.jpg© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar


Glow Edges

glow45.jpg© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar


The Original Sunset View -Bani Gala Islamabad  .     Camera  HUAWEI  P10 Lite 

IMG_20191124_170301sunset.jpg© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.          Ansel Adams

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anjum wasim dar

Writer Award Winning Poet Educator Researcher ELT Professional Married

9 thoughts on “For Lens-Artist Photo Challenge # 74 ~ By P.A. Moed ~ Abstract ~ From Kiawah to Pakistan ~”

  1. Beautiful and creative set of abstract, Anjum. The original photo was breathtaking.
    Thank you for sharing these inspiring quotes.


  2. Thank you Dear Amy Ji. I was travelling from Islamabad to Bani Gala a short distance, the sun was red on the horizon , with clouds giving it a cover up ..the journey stopped just in time and I captured the moment outside our house , wanted to get the full view possible without the jungle of electric wires which often come in between. Thank you ..All Lens Artists are divinely gifted, creative and profoundly inspiring.


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