Lens Artists Photo Challenge #118 ~ Biasini Speaks About Communication ~ Get The Message ?

2016- At a small fast food restaurant in Bani Gala, Islamabad. My two grandsons Mir Rayyan Rabbani and Mir Abdullah Umar waiting for their order. What has caught their attention more? “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, shall we guess?

Mir Abdullah happy to get a break from his study time. Admiring a Kashmiri Culture item the ‘Kaangrri’ a small woven basket with a clay pot inside to hold burning coal pieces…a heating source in Winters in the extreme cold snowy regions of our lost homeland Kashmir (Indian Occupied) Now ‘Kaangrri’ is a museum item,precious and rare. The innocent inborn love being communicated is so evident here.This shot is now a family classic. Culture must be preserved.

What a coincidence.The third shot again features Abdullah Umar . Here I found him communicating with the leaves and branches.The children loved this house and this terrace was their favorite place and with time they were able to reach out and touch the trees. The house was sold in 2014 and we shifted to Islamabad from Rawalpindi. How time and space combined with captured images make unforgettable memories.

In the year 2012 I was unwell for many months. Had to stay with my daughter.This view kept me thinking for a long time.I could see the plants through the window as I lay resting on the bed. I felt the plants tried to communicate with me. I am not sure about the truth but what I understood was that I was a witness to a unique form of captivity…the other side of life…me inside the room, on the bed and there outside were plants pots and flower beds…

And the most Glorious Communication I always feel is the Love and Beauty of Nature. The majesty of colors, the infinite vastness of the boundless sky, the serenity of the landscape,the never tiring creative forms of clouds, merging and emerging, sailing, rumbling, flashing, manifesting the Power of the Almighty. “There are signs for those who observe and think and try to understand”

“Stay close to Nature and thou shalt not err”. Alexander Pope.

Thank you for another wonderful captivating thought provoking Challenge.

10 thoughts on “Lens Artists Photo Challenge #118 ~ Biasini Speaks About Communication ~ Get The Message ?

    1. yes I agree Dear Tina ji . Most of my writeups have been inspired by my kids and grandkids. Thank you for your encouraging kind words and it is a profound joyful feeling to be part of the
      inspiring challengess

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  1. Hello Anjum! Biasini the horse here. Thank you for responding to my challenge. I really liked your photos. The two young fellows look like nice young people. And Ma Leueen read me your words. I’m sorry you were not well but is sounds like you found a way to learn something from the plants you saw. We horses believe that all plants and animals in nature can communicate with us. It make me happy to think that you, as a Human, have learned that too. My best wishes to you. 🐴

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    1. Thank you so much Horses have always been favourites among the animal world. A sight of wild horses seen from Shindoor Top of the Northern Area of Chitral Pakistan in the Himalayas is unforgettable. Crossing the water stream,elegantly galloping with flying manes , a beauty to treasure. Gulliver took me to the land of Honyhymns and what a wonderful story to read enjoy and remember.

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