In Response to Lens-Artist P.A.Moed’s Photo Challenge #121: Focus on the Subject~ A City-Country Wedding ~ And a Visit to the Countryside ~

Once again the focus came to rest on the city of Sialkot in the North of Punjab province of Pakistan.The bride’s home town. The groom along with his family and friends prepares to bring his bride to his home in the city of Lahore, 70kms by newly built beautiful Motorway. Grace Marquee the venue of the reception.

Groom’s car is traditionally decorated. All set for departure to Sialkot.

Reception of the Groom and his family by traditional drummers playing on the glass top dance floor.
The exquisitely decorated dance floor. Focus on Flowers.
Lighter fireworks to boost the festivity and joy.

There is so much more to a traditional wedding.Dances dresses and decorations, elaborate expressions of happiness as two families tie the bonds.

After the hectic four day wedding schedule we managed to drive out to the countryside in a different Northern direction.Touching the Kala Chitta Ranges the land is extremely fertile,where crops as wheat and rice are grown and plenty of peanuts too.

Focus on a half ripe field while passing through. Here the road is single.

On the single road the only vehicles we met were tractors trolleys or carry trucks.This machine was one.
The camel facing the backside looked so innocent I could not resist taking a shot, in the delayed decision this was the result.But I am glad I clicked.
Finally on the way back the last passing shot was of one of the many brick kilns in the area.
A positive wave to an informative trip. What a contrast in the countryside,peaceful serene warm and comforting.

Thank you Dear Friend Patti. Whenever I get a chance to travel I look forward to the chance of taking special shots for my Lens Artists amazing Challenges.

And so FOCUS has a vital purpose.

7 thoughts on “In Response to Lens-Artist P.A.Moed’s Photo Challenge #121: Focus on the Subject~ A City-Country Wedding ~ And a Visit to the Countryside ~

  1. Your closing thought is perfect for these times Anjum. I hope the very beautiful wedding wasn’t very recent in light of the clustering of people indoors without masks! The flowers under the dance floor are amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Tina A pleasure to hear from you, such profound encouragement and inspiration I feel highly motivated for my amateur work. It was in the midst of the Virus 23 /24 Oct , and wearing a mask was compulsory.


  2. Hi, Anjum. I am also amazed at the flowers underneath the dance floor and the camel peering at us through the back of the truck. Thanks for the view of a wonderful weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for sharing the wedding images, Anjum. The flower floor is amazing. Four day wedding schedule, that is incredible. I so enjoy the field, road, and the camel captures.

    Liked by 1 person

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