For Lens Artists Challenge # 126~ A is For Artificer Supreme ~

All learning begins with a name, a sound and a meaning. Moving towards the close of the strangest year ever I find myself, moving a day on into the next challenge of Special Moments.Well,special moments are countless, a Whatsapp Birthday, a Golden Wedding Anniversary and a tragic loss of son in law due to Covid 19. Moments of joy and extreme sorrow but for this post I am sharing some miracle and some by chance, shots, hope my friends and readers will like.

One night feeling worried a voice told me to pull the curtains and look outside.This is what I saw

“You are not alone. Allah is always present. Pray and remember Him.You will neither fear nor grieve”.

A is for Abbottabad My hometown.

In Abbottabad – The Arched Gateway of the Old Church and Cemetery

AUTUMNAL Beauty in Islamabad Pakistan

Hope the coming time is peaceful with glad tidings and joy for the world in sorrow. May Allah forgive and bless us all.

5 thoughts on “For Lens Artists Challenge # 126~ A is For Artificer Supreme ~

    1. Dear Friend Pattithank you for your comforting thoughts and words. We are holding on to Allahs prayer patience and will. We shall miss him profoundly.


    1. Thank you Tina ji Your affectionate thoughts mean a lot to me and Pattis kind words bring me much comfort.God bless all of you amen.


  1. It sounded like an uncertain year, Anjum. Sorry to hear about the loss of your son-in-law and hope you and your family stay strong. Times like these we need to be those who matter to us and be thankful for what we have. Thank you for sharing photos from your area. Take care.

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