Born in  images (2)Srinagar (Indian occupied) Kashmir in the post world war years, I found myself taken to  a new country Pakistan.The first ten years were happy and peaceful.1965 saw the beginnings of a war across the borders. (India and Pakistan )At a very young age I experienced blackouts, martyrs, war songs, defeat and compromise.In the school time years I had read about world history, world war I and other History books which inspired  me greatly. As as a teenager becoming aware of the dangers, the hardships, the loyalties, the patriotism and the love of land in times of conflict I saw the effects from close quarters.

I have not seen my place of birth…and now I dream and write  about my homeland, about life and humanity and peace and war…as wars are still going on…I hope to create awareness to make this world a better place-to make people think…those who can read…I thank them for doing so and I would like to say please share good thoughts as only the true and the good will survive….
I aim to make as many friends as possible and to spread peace and tolerance through my prose and poetry. May Allah help and guide me. amen

Your visit is much appreciated.