FOR ~ Short Story Slam ~ Week 91~ Climatic Electricity Load or is it?


‘Clouds Cry they threaten frighten fret and fly’ ‘ they fly by me,the music does sing to me’ in this heat so sweet and …’what music do I hear who is singing? music does not help the spirit anymore,’
‘It was never meant to ; now who said that’?

“Mosam hai ashiqana”‘ hey Seema, stop …
Oh maybe this will be ok…its our own golden one” mosam suha’ana..sathi dewa’na…
Oh please Seema for long this mosam has changed…better stay quiet or else…’
There was a time when cooler climate prevailed but its so terribly hot…na bijli na pani to kya kare gi nani’…these songs will never make the weather pleasant..though the mood might be…Seema I think we need to change our names…yes that might bring some friendly clouds then rain then the lakes will fill up rivers will be like rivers and not just stony beds…then the generators will start working and O Allah ji …I will say we live in the best balanced breathing living suitable climatic region on this planet…its never dry,its never dark, its never dirty, its never depressive….hey…wake up wake up…sehri time you want to keep. fast…
oh ..has the minister changed his name?…

he promised he would if…
ministers never keep their word…


Return of the Mysterious Dialogue ~ Similar Nights Similar Days ~ Ah! The New Year ‘2018…

IMG_20180104_132425_523 As December 31st moves ahead as usual,day passes,evening draws near, only a little early,shadows grow into chilly darkness,huddled figures wrapped in blankets,large sized shawls slightly bent drag their feet towards homes towns and villages.The luckier ones catch the buses and mini buses…what is new about the new year I wonder as I close the window and draw the curtains…I also wonder how cold it is up there high in the sky,for my  unseen visitor? for the visit is now quite overdue…hmm well, the days are similar to last year’s and the nights too sound the same..dogs bark occasionally

Nothing changes My Master always keeps options open for He loves variety,variations and amalgamation leading to numerous color mixes and designs..shapes and sizes are countless like the clouds as they float they form amazing patterns…taking pictures eh? you will tire yourself and the patterns will never end…this is the supreme creativity of the Almighty…this image is must say ‘Subhaan Allah ‘ May Allah Be Praised…


a matter of time and energy and ‘thinking’….
“Salam, I was hoping you would come, I wanted to increase my knowledge, I feel I am still so ignorant…
‘did someone write ‘ignorance is bliss” but not all the time and ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ too, so one must keep learning.Every year during these days people start wishing farewell, goodbye….so long but you are right, the days and nights are the same…the movement goes on ..humans have made the count and they call it first and last,indeed the first is the birthday and the last is the last breath….

‘does the year die ?

No it only completes a circle’
Oh how true
well,anything new?

same wars poverty,lawlessness rape killing innocent suffering, I am depressed,what must I do to improve …

start with your own self and home and family, check yourself and read …read The Book of Guidance and follow and apply

If only we would see the beauty of nature ,the peace in clouds and the blue sky,the birds flying and hear their thankful twitter..ah twitter is the internet twitter….following is the ‘friends following..

try to spread the beauty you see around in your writing,help others to write too,show them the way to peace and contentment and good deeds…

yes I want to make this place a better world…O’ people wake up …listen to the new day…everyday is a new day …the rain and snow will come,it will be cold then warm again but life’s days will not…

The other world is even more beautiful..brighter than he stars and glorious than the sunshine here…

but only people who have been good ….ah goodness where art thou…oh heart clean thyself….the New Year is ten days old…

………………………………………………………do good do good be good be………………………..





For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Flower ~ Rose ~



O’ Dear Flower, folded
in invisible scents
tender covers
softly protecting
the unknown
wrapped in curves
like hands,a
praying pair
patiently serves
in quietude

O Dear Flower, resting
in a book,
making the page sacred
to the touch,words that rest too,forever silent, till they meet
the eyes, of an unknown, bear the flaps and caresses,
of moving finger tips, as the covers flip,

O Dear Flower, you are a rose of many colors
budding, blooming, on bush and bowers
in sunshine rain or cool summer showers
spread on shrouds taken to high towers

O’ Dear Flower’ how long can you stay
the fragrance radiate, the presence, comfort
the love share, If only you could, for ever be
and like the words lay for me to see

If ……

The Return of the Mysterious Dialogue ~ 2017~ Whither English Literature Teachers ?

mts treesNovember is the Autumnal month of writing.Desiring to put some thoughts on mean on the screen in MS Word  I kept looking at the screen for quite some time…the button on the right side of the screen showed 11’…Oh dear I have 11 drafts…incomplete’ and I wish to achieve a target of 50,000 words by the end of this month! a question raised but not answered…’when you will stop playing scrabble you will be able to achieve results’, I got this advice or rather a sort of final review…I must think about my word game seriously, it is non productive in the material sense though it does give the mind some exercise’ ..hmn

I will paint something first…and so My Paint was instantly on the screen…readers the result is before your eyes. I paint by intuition….’

So much to write and so little…no if I organize my time I can complete my tasks.I am surely really surprised at myself, do you know why? Is anyone listening? I am talking or thinking to myself, there is only One true Listener’ and I know He is listening…will I be able to write anything worthwhile? or am I just wasting my time?

A few days ago my phone rang, since the hour was odd I asked my husband to answer.A male voice was on the line but was asking for me…I found out that he was a very worried father…father of a daughter now a student at A level in a local school…the problem the daughter wanted to study English Literature but could not find a teacher, would I be able to help?

well I can try but first I must know how much the student understands about literature.
Talking to the student I found that she did have the basic knowledge that Literature means ‘novels ,drama and poetry’…I guess we all know that…okay dear but it is a long and hard journey,reading line by line word by word ,comparing contrasting and critically reviewing written works of famous writers,mostly dead and gone’…the second part consists of the living authors and poets who are currently struggling to record the good and evil deeds of humanity crowding the planet…

well madam please guide me I wish to appear for a CIE paper in about five months..five months? impossible…no dear at least a year…well ma’am please send me a task by email as I live so far away and cannot come so often…

neither can I …and then only two emails were exchanged…the task to explain the poem’After Apple Picking ‘by Robert Frost…hard to understand ? I thought’am do you know anyone who lives near my home who would be able to guide me?

‘I told you I have deep fears that Literature Teachers are fast becoming extinct..a rare species…retired , hiding…and English has ‘ need to improvement” and ‘come here ‘ has taken the new approach of ‘come closer’…it does mean the same does it?

well back to English Teaching’ about writing a book’ on ‘How to Teach English Literature? specially at O and A levels ? well

first Teach English Please….’

I heard all this … and I will pray for strength vocabulary repertoire and sentence structure and now away to the skies, back to duty….

I picked up my knitting needles as I finished reading the email..Madam I have dropped the idea of studying English literature maybe next year I am really really grateful for all your guidance…..

Yarn over’


A Story A Day ~ 9 ~ Captive of a Different Kind~

Image result for what is DLD 2011

For the past ten days or so I have been searching and reading about media, social media, digital art, and about women achieving success in their particular skills like creative writing, film direction and acting.I was lucky to know about some wonderful performances on screen, unforgettable roles and reflections, and the expression in dialogue which made me return to the screen again and again, and every time it was a pleasure to listen to the fine words , language phrases and superbly expressed, but the story revolved around women’s rights.

I have for long accepted the fact that whatever talent a woman may possess she will never be able to develop it fully on this soil.Slavery is still very much present where her food plate is controlled, her dresses restricted and her interests banished.

‘Unsaid it goes, the bowl is covered, the fruit is stored away from sight, no going outside the house for even a walk, no nothing….it is not a fairy tale , it is the truth happening now.

so what about women rights , a walk for them , a few banners, a few tv talk shows and that is it.

Duties? all the time, washing cooking, cleaning, and while doing all that being ordered, shouted at for nothing, ignored, glared with hate,forgotten and never forgiven, leave alone loved.

A different concept of marriage emerges…does it prove to be …’ nothing but an agreement for rape? a woman possessed , a body enslaved, a spirit enchained…” many questions arise …many may never be answered…

Is there an outlet or a law for a change ? laws are made to be broken’ eh?

These questions and thoughts kept touching my heart and mind when I came across the DLD Women 2011 Conference.One thing to be grateful for is the internet and the skill of being able to operate it, thus I traveled to Germany on the screen, and was able to see and hear women relate their fine entrepreneurship endeavours and achievements

I felt so fortunate than many out in the city and rural areas who would be sitting in the dark still and without gas to make food withoout water..without ..hope..without light…but would my gratitude be enough? They don’t know that I too am a captive of a different kind…

or is my imagination? or then a weakness on my part?

I will seek answers and analyse the findings maybe I am to blame…I may need to think about ‘prayer and gratitude…

be thankful be grateful…does the answer lie here…? another question….

A Story A Day ~ 8~ It’s Your Road ~

Its your road, and yours alone. others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.


It was the same road  valley same way, same eagerness same love same drive,
not the same time nor the same day, no one in sight the sun steadily beamed its warmth, my feet tread heavily and I thought…



Roads are the same everywhere or are they? some roads remain empty and clear with an occasional tonga or vehicle plodding along, some are dusty, some are grand, some are called ‘all-weather road’ some ‘jeepable’ these days roads are used for ‘drag racing’ 

the kids in the photograph are trying to make marks while sitting on the side the gentleman has some fear of ‘pickpockets’ , kids seem quite at peace, that is  a good sign, and this is a road far away in the South of the beloved country ..where ever a road lies long or winds its way through fields towns or cities it has a story…this road has a story of a developing colony yet it is a place for ‘racers and bikers’ who gather every evening show their biking and riding skills, enjoy entertain and go home …in a country with a dearth of healthy entertainment playing grounds parks or racing tracks..a broad hard road is just the place to be…..

where there is a will there is a way..till the houses are constructed…..freedom is indeed a precious gift

2017 ~ The Mysterious Knitter Begins to Spin Yarns ~ Ah, Ancient Writing and Ancient Knitting…

                The oldest knitted artifacts are socks from Egypt, dating from the 11th century CE.

A Knitting Shepherd ! see how he is perched,involved concentrating on his weaving task’ what mystery surrounds the high seat,                       Shepherd_Sitting_Up

   Another night another time,as time keeps silently motionlessly moving,passing, turning running, never stopping nor will ever stop…this is the mysterious truth of time, we keep watching the numbers and needles on the face of the clock,but we never notice the darkness disappear to let in the light, nor the shadows as they lengthen…we admire and stand in awe of the sunset but we never feel the sinking or vanishing of the golden shining ball, where does it go ? perhaps we know that it will come again…so from the needles on the clock my eyes fall back on the needles in my hands…

I have to complete my knitting projects …I must …its winter again…has it taken me so much time? what have I been doing? I wonder …knitting comes out of knitting’… nothing comes out of no stays there…any work untouched  will not finish …neglected? well not exactly…just a bit due to Summer and then the Fasts …and now some other duties and now  the love of writing…would you be able to gather so many words..thoughts …stitches socks…sentences…and now back into the 1950s I go..remembering Mother her sister and sisters-in-law all would be knitting…by hand, no machines no sir…yes I remember the magazine ‘Woman & Home’ this had beautiful knitting patterns… for me and my elder sister,  till we did not start knitting  from this magazine,  it was Nora and  Tilly the wonder paper cut out dolls in the center page…for days the paper dresses would occupy our time after school work…how happy those dolls made us..I do not remember any knitted garments..just skirts blouses jackets socks hats etc..perhaps scarves…my history of knitting began at home with family…yarn or wool or ‘oon’ in our native language would be foreign…Beehive wool’ three ply 4 ply I still hear mother’s voice …the magazine was in proud of my mother and aunties ..they could read knitting instructions…and create such amazing cardigans and pullovers….little by little the love of knitting designs color creation warmth and love was being un felt instilled, like the  passing time.

The oldest REAL knitting (formed on two sticks by pulling loops through loops) we’ve got is ‘Coptic socks’ from Egypt, dating to around the year 1000 CE. There are quite a few fragments, all of them done in shades of white and indigo, in stockinette. Many of them have Khufic (a decorative Arabic script) blessings knit into them, or symbols to ward off evil, or both. All look really cool. And may I point out for the fiber-snobs among us, that all of the really ancient knitted fragments we’ve got are knit out of cotton. Yes indeedy, cotton. Wool wasn’t used for knitting until way later.


Life of a Coptic Sock
Hawara, the place where the sock was found, is a good example of Egypt as a Greek occupied land under Roman rule – mixture of Greeks, Romans and Egyptians.

No one knows how old knitting really is, though it is generally thought to be older than crochet and younger than weaving.

Many ancient textile fragments thought to be knitting have turned out to be nålebinding (Danish for literally “binding with a needle), an ancient form of needlecraft that is sometimes referred to as “single-needle knitting.”
The history of knitting is not well known because fabrics used for knitting are made of wool, silk, and other fibers that decay rapidly. Additionally, knitting needles are hard to distinguish beyond a doubt from hair picks, skewers, spindles, or the other many uses of a sharpened stick.
Historians posit that knitting is a relatively recent invention because there are no ancient legends of knitting like there are legends of spinning and weaving, such as Arachne, Ixazaluoh, Nephthys, and Amaterasu. There are no ancient gods or goddesses who knit.
The earliest known types of knitting by nomadic people in the desert places of North Africa actually used circular or narrow, oblong wooden frames. The knitting action was similar to “bobbin work.” Historians are unsure when the frames were dispensed with and knitting began to be directly on hooked knitting needles.
One of the earliest known examples of knitting (formed on two sticks by pulling loops through loops) were a pair of cotton socks found in Egypt from the first millennium A.D. Many of them have knit into them khufic (a decorative Arabic script) blessings, symbols to ward off evil, or both.

And now the strange fact or is it ?  Men-Only Knitting Fact
Men ruled knitting guilds for centuries. Knitting was initially a male-only occupation. In fact, when the very first knitting union was established in Paris in 1527, no women were allowed… uh…believable ?

1527 Paris  here we take a brief  break….more soon…meanwhile I will think about woolly  socks …I Never had a pair…I mean woolly ones….