2017 ~ The Mysterious Knitter Begins to Spin Yarns ~ Ah, Ancient Writing and Ancient Knitting…

                The oldest knitted artifacts are socks from Egypt, dating from the 11th century CE.

A Knitting Shepherd ! see how he is perched,involved concentrating on his weaving task’ what mystery surrounds the high seat,                       Shepherd_Sitting_Up

   Another night another time,as time keeps silently motionlessly moving,passing, turning running, never stopping nor will ever stop…this is the mysterious truth of time, we keep watching the numbers and needles on the face of the clock,but we never notice the darkness disappear to let in the light, nor the shadows as they lengthen…we admire and stand in awe of the sunset but we never feel the sinking or vanishing of the golden shining ball, where does it go ? perhaps we know that it will come again…so from the needles on the clock my eyes fall back on the needles in my hands…

I have to complete my knitting projects …I must …its winter again…has it taken me so much time? what have I been doing? I wonder …knitting comes out of knitting’… nothing comes out of no knitting..it stays there…any work untouched  will not finish …neglected? well not exactly…just a bit due to Summer and then the Fasts …and now some other duties and now  the love of writing…would you be able to gather so many words..thoughts …stitches socks  ..er…sentences…and now back into the 1950s I go..remembering Mother her sister and sisters-in-law all would be knitting…by hand, no machines no sir…yes I remember the magazine ‘Woman & Home’ this had beautiful knitting patterns… for me and my elder sister,  till we did not start knitting  from this magazine,  it was Nora and  Tilly the wonder paper cut out dolls in the center page…for days the paper dresses would occupy our time after school work…how happy those dolls made us..I do not remember any knitted garments..just skirts blouses jackets socks hats etc..perhaps scarves…my history of knitting began at home with family…yarn or wool or ‘oon’ in our native language would be foreign…Beehive wool’ three ply 4 ply I still hear mother’s voice …the magazine was in English..so proud of my mother and aunties ..they could read knitting instructions…and create such amazing cardigans and pullovers….little by little the love of knitting designs color creation warmth and love was being un felt instilled, like the  passing time.

The oldest REAL knitting (formed on two sticks by pulling loops through loops) we’ve got is ‘Coptic socks’ from Egypt, dating to around the year 1000 CE. There are quite a few fragments, all of them done in shades of white and indigo, in stockinette. Many of them have Khufic (a decorative Arabic script) blessings knit into them, or symbols to ward off evil, or both. All look really cool. And may I point out for the fiber-snobs among us, that all of the really ancient knitted fragments we’ve got are knit out of cotton. Yes indeedy, cotton. Wool wasn’t used for knitting until way later.


Life of a Coptic Sock
Hawara, the place where the sock was found, is a good example of Egypt as a Greek occupied land under Roman rule – mixture of Greeks, Romans and Egyptians.

No one knows how old knitting really is, though it is generally thought to be older than crochet and younger than weaving.

Many ancient textile fragments thought to be knitting have turned out to be nålebinding (Danish for literally “binding with a needle), an ancient form of needlecraft that is sometimes referred to as “single-needle knitting.”
The history of knitting is not well known because fabrics used for knitting are made of wool, silk, and other fibers that decay rapidly. Additionally, knitting needles are hard to distinguish beyond a doubt from hair picks, skewers, spindles, or the other many uses of a sharpened stick.
Historians posit that knitting is a relatively recent invention because there are no ancient legends of knitting like there are legends of spinning and weaving, such as Arachne, Ixazaluoh, Nephthys, and Amaterasu. There are no ancient gods or goddesses who knit.
The earliest known types of knitting by nomadic people in the desert places of North Africa actually used circular or narrow, oblong wooden frames. The knitting action was similar to “bobbin work.” Historians are unsure when the frames were dispensed with and knitting began to be directly on hooked knitting needles.
One of the earliest known examples of knitting (formed on two sticks by pulling loops through loops) were a pair of cotton socks found in Egypt from the first millennium A.D. Many of them have knit into them khufic (a decorative Arabic script) blessings, symbols to ward off evil, or both.

And now the strange fact or is it ?  Men-Only Knitting Fact
Men ruled knitting guilds for centuries. Knitting was initially a male-only occupation. In fact, when the very first knitting union was established in Paris in 1527, no women were allowed… uh…believable ?

1527 Paris  here we take a brief  break….more soon…meanwhile I will think about woolly  socks …I Never had a pair…I mean woolly ones….




swat jalsa2Majestic dust, unfenced miracle

wonderous joyous plentiful
created  for love of mankind All
a Great Blessing after The Fall
a home, an inn to stay the night
a place to work and pray in peace
to do All Good, Follow the Right
pray stay and spread The Light
No Emperors Kings or Queens Royal,
No Leaders Servers soldiers loyal
nor the saintly honest nor simple folks
remain on thrones, wearing robes and cloaks…
abide only in brave deeds and words
leave behind castles kingdoms and swords
Today peace prevails but for the Independent Spirit

The Love of Homeland Pure

Gift Blessing of Almighty Allah


Long Live Pakistan Zinda o Paindabaad


April Farewell’~Memories Strike ~Poetry Lives On~


For our final prompt, we’re featuring Kavyastream, where the final poem is a ghazal translated from Urdu!

Translation of an Urdu nazam….

jab yaad se yaad takraati hai…..


When memories strike,hit heavily the heart
pain flows out from the eyes-what links are these of
soul and spirit,body still,cold,breath on hold-
then they- in love find thought and mind helpless
and seek restfulness for perpetual soul so restless-
but fail…

maybe then for peace of heart
will walk the one and only path
will think of one writer,a psychopath?
moments of tender care will rise
in visions, then time will apprise

the priceless value of words
the need to express the thoughts
the letter that unites the power of
the pen that writes…

what is the spirit to spirit link
Who is the angel that resides,brings…
a memory and loving memories past
a thought lost but one that lasts

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A Story A Day ~ 7 ~ Landlocked,Home locked,Lockup…Lock down…Lock in…

“I thought how unpleasant it is to be locked out; and I thought how it is worse, perhaps, to be locked in.”
― Virginia Woolf

Image result for landlocked                Image result for alice in wonderland language

‘are you preparing a grammar lesson? sounds like one…’up down,…out….’

well, these words do refer to positions and are known as prepositions of place but in our country English is a foreign language though many use it..er..in all its forms..even slang…it is also called ESL….


yes, English as a second language…I will add my definition…ahem..English is a locked language..ha ha..see!

why locked and how locked? now languages are important means of  conveying..er..thoughts and needs and wants…er..and so much more…..

‘well locked it is,like Alice…she was locked  in Wonderland…and so are we locked in Language in our land…English is ‘angrezi’ gullabi’ some call it pink…Queen’s English …BBC English…Court English..American English and now Singapore English…and so on..it is all getting so entangled…so this makes my land ..a ‘wonderland’ doesn’t it?

Image result for alice in wonderland language I can even identify  Tweedledum and Tweedledee in my country….so that makes it even more adventurous…wow…super..thinking…ideas..hey I hope the cat is looking….

and so we are not so landlocked by land as much as by language…

‘this is indeed interesting…and then you must have a Queen too..?

well yes,sort of..a royal family we do have…I think in a free country we all are royal..as we are free..freedom is itself royalty, I believe…

no pack er..deck of cards for fighting…defending …protecting….’

well every one needs protection from evil of numerous kinds..evil is true and present everywhere….specially in sweet attractive pleasure giving things….so we have our cards..er..I mean guards….

and so you still say you are locked….

Freedom gained but enchained by language….and now we look for keys…keys to the door of freedom..the search is on….and so we are planting more trees to make a jungle, and then in that jungle we shall seek among the trees, the lost box of keys…in shady trees we might find peace,we will find peace, we will find fruit,we will find water..


yes we need to counter the DRINK ME’?

Drink…yes, Ah..but that you have found…whats that you say…ZAALIMA………pilaa de…..

hey see I told you we are locked……..

the Key the Key..the DRINK the DRINK..is to blame…….’

Rainbow Hiding in The Crying Clouds~Return of the Mysterious Dialogue 2017

IMG_20170310_162143_434‘awakened are we to the desires forbidden….asleep are we on the fires we should kindle’

Fires of a different kind rage,some deliberately set some by nature,but mostly by design,such are the times when hatred guile deception reigns,terror strikes without warning Death is all over, famished for spirits,it seems working hard as ordained…but stupor slumber drunkenness greed selfishness supreme, palling the senses, creating rotten states in once green and pure lands…Lethe is in high flood, reaching almost the danger level…more rains are predicted and may the Lord Master shower Mercy….mercy..mercy….He hears us…..there goes thunder…oh it is frighteningIMG_20170404_120112_792

Salam Salam I heard the cry for mercy’….why faith is weak tonight?…

Peace Peace to you too…faith faith…got to be strong…trying to be more..well, it is uncertainty,uncertainty  that prevails…but I have found a certain feeling a certain calmness…only when….

‘calmness is good’ it comes with obedience…obedience to all..first to the Master then….

‘my parents are no more…Ah I am a parent and a grand parent…myself..yet I keep seeking mine..and not finding them at times..I cry….

pray pray pray in prayer lies calmness and the comfort of the heart and soul’

yes,I saw the news of children dying in Syria..so many…so young…….please say something….please do not be silent..

‘on this I cannot….only the Master knows….best….you know that….

‘yes but it is painful’what can I do, how can we make things better?

just do your duty and that is a lot..check the neighbors, seek needy people nearby if not far….give…give…

‘too much black….magic..magic..jealousy…and ..activity..strange and dangerous….’

it was years ago too when knowledge was revealed …but be not afraid..faith is the key the solution and you have the Book’ take guidance …respect the word of the Master…nothing can harm you if you are right truthful and honest….

I am trying..but why are the rulers …..

they have lost their way…and shall not find it ..if they do not forgive and return and above all repent..repentance…repentance…..

‘I feel the skies have messages..I run to see..and there are eyes in the clouds…looking down….where are the rainbows ?

Rainbows? wait for them..they are hidden for the time being..they are there in the clouds…this is a time of warning..when lightning flashes and thunder crashes..know that it is a warning..turn towards prayer…..

٧  فَإِذَا فَرَغْتَ فَٱنصَبْ 7  When your work is done, turn to devotion. The Soothing’  Verse No 7 and 8 ‘and to your Lord turn for everything….’

I do I try I am trying….I am waiting for the rainbow….’

thunder lightning and rain outside….’


Hope Manifest in The Guiding Star’ Return of the Mysterious Dialogue 2017

Image result for the guiding star

When I feel heavy, when my heart is somewhere far away from me, when I experience helplessness, a strange emptiness I move towards my pencil and paper…I stare and desire to write, to scratch, to draw, to say it all in words…and then I know I am at peace…writing brings peace and reading , more so…but then what is there on paper…

it so happened as night took over, I woke up with a start, something brought me to full consciousness…I lay not quite frozen, rather a bit warm, wondering what could it be…is there someone on the roof? a cat? a prowler? let me see…er..check the time…the small clock showed 2.30 a.m. Oh…the T 20 match we lost ,what purpose lies in this game,I wonder…. game ended at  about 12…Princess time…and hardly two and a half hours have passed…they say there are unseen beings living around…some try to put you to sleep others wake you’

come offer your midnight prayers…so I started reciting holy verses…I keep the rosary close, it shines in the dark and I like that…other items close to the pillow are: a torch, a bottle of Vicks vaporub, my medicine pouch, and my small book of prayers’ sometimes my notebook and a pencil is also not far, and recently I have been keeping my knitting stuff handy too…

How does one keep track…or find out about any ‘others’ in the room…if any…the neighbors house is rather close to the bedroom wall and many sounds and voices can be heard…perhaps some sound came from there…

one thing strange I just noticed…no barking of dogs have I heard in the past month…just the growling of cats a couple of times…

the electricity goes off without warning and there is darkness over everything …well for some time…I wonder what people do during those hours…maybe I will write a book on ‘Load shedding Time Activities’

Oh the light blinked …is it the unseen friend…must ask…

‘Salam, the blinking light called me, afraid are you…be afraid only of The Malik The King…Majestic…

Salam Peace to you’ Oh yes, yes, the guidance has come, the awareness has dawned, alas for so many years there was dark ignorance…

Be at peace if guidance has come and is coming…hold strongly the rope of faith..Chapter Name:Al-Emran Verse No:150

بَلِ اللّهُ مَوْلاَكُمْ وَهُوَ خَيْرُ النَّاصِرِينَ {150

tonight’s message..and no worries about strange sounds, The King has a law for everything and it is given..seek and you shall find….then remember..remember….time time …time..and ..more duty…..

look the star is shining….

Poor, Poor, Prices? Return of the Mysterious Dialogue…2017


A quarter of the year past,Good things have come.Joy fun happiness.Yet the heart seems heavy, the spirit needs the eyes outflow, appetite stays away…..

I believe we have become poor. Poor not in  resources on land but poor in the inner recesses of our weakening hearts. Love sympathy kindness honesty generosity empathy has not been seen or felt for quite a while…prices, prices,prices on the rise…I wonder how hundreds make their meals ..er..healthy meals and what they may drink..I mean water..clean water…but  first …clean…how to be clean stay clean..keep clean….Oh Dear…humans can be so poor…so helpless…helpless….help…its dark outside..waiting for the new moon…two months and then Ramazan…fasts begin…if only things would be affordable..

Aha’ affordable? everything can be affordable ..’  do not be so depressed…here I am again..sent…to guide you..see there is one who knows who cares who gives and who is the Greatest Master….

Salaam salaam salaam….so grateful, yes I have not been grateful regularly as regular as I have been blessed…yes this is the reason…alas we forget we miss we ignore…..

tell me what disturbs ?

‘why is there… delay? why speak so loud…to make someone hear…does justice and fair play  ‘ need a shout’ ?

easy questions need no efforts,no research no preparation no analysis…

what type of answer is this,if I may ask again…please,please there is so much confusion doubt mistrust…and..exhaustion has almost taken over …..gathering energy from all corners…but

well, it is an inside story, an inside act, an inside demolition plan, see? when rules are unknown,untold,unwritten..there are bound to be violations…but rules were given long long ago…everything written bound recorded saved confirmed…..

we were never aware..but why were we not ? that is my question….time wasted..life wasted..purpose lost….

no no you still have time…one small act one good deed one small kindness can make majestic miracles happen….

how can good deeds be done when there is confinement..when one is under outside control,when there is no support…encouragement, inspiration…motivation….

there are opportunities if one has the intentions,the Master shows The Way

can you please request…please make the shopkeepers keep prices low and affordable this year?

The Master has already heard the request…He waits for His people to ask..so keep asking and more so …keep thanking….and Oh Oh…it will be dark…dark…

dark? or Light of dawn?

no no, the worldly light will stop shining,and I must hurry to finish my work…cheer up now for there is hope and it will descend,think kindness..kindly and be kind…..

will the prices come down? petrol has gone up by…er…..two…no, one rupee….not that there is need to travel but still one needs some wheel support at some time in life…tell me more,please…

prices oh…

Nothing but silence…peaceful…nothing stirs…then far away a cock crows…once…then again and again…till darkness fades away to welcome the emerging golden effulgence…..

till next ………………………………………………………………….