2020 ~ New Age Fairy Tales ~Blue Hood Dilemma ~


Blue HoodNot long ago there lived a girl named ‘Blue Hood , with her mother , in a lovely house  on the Murree Hill  tourist resort, not far from the  Northern Area forest.

She was called  ‘Blue Hood’  because she would  get sad and upset very soon if  she was refused anything she wanted. Blue Hood loved her special modern gadgets specially the IPhone and Tablet.

Blue Hood’s Grandmother  lived in her very own digitally equipped house. This house had a special powerful internet wi-fi connection because guess what, Grand Ma was a tech savvy person and an expert in operating  the  laptop computers, mobile phones and  Tablets’, but she had one weakness: she loved to collect these gadgets. She was a Collector, and she had taken Blue  Hood’s ‘Tablet with her and was not ready to part with it soon.
‘What shall I do? How can I get back my Tablet?’
Blue  Hood kept thinking and after a few hours she had reached a decision. She would take help from Wolfy the Hacker. Wolfy was a frequent traveler between the Grand Digital Village  where grandma lived, and the Murree Hill resort. Many foreigners came to visit. Wolfy particularly preferred to use the Cruzer Coach which provided free wi-fi services.

In one trip when Grandmother was travelling, a charming foreign lady with a large bag was also a passenger on board. Wolfy was alert.  With his secret camera he kept making a video of Grandmother  and the Lady, as they talked and exchanged small packets, these  packets contained secret messages on CD cassettes and USBs.  Grandmother  was always friendly when she traveled.

Not long after, Grandma became unwell. Blue Hood’s Mother made some soft brownies and  went to the Cruzer Coach stand to see off Blue Hood.  Mother had warned , ‘Blue, take these for your Grandmother and  avoid talking to unknown people, and don’t keep asking for passwords.’

“I will not Mother’. It was not easy to pass time without the Tablet and who could feel the loss but Blue Hood.

“Hello there, why are you so blue?” Blue heard a rather heavy voice.

‘Oh please do not ask me, I cannot talk to strangers’. She also remembered her mother’s warning.

“Oh I saw that you were not holding a tech gadget so I was concerned, everyone your age has one right in their hands’.
Blue hesitated then remembered the saying, ‘ Gentleness and kind persuasion wins where force fails’,  maybe this strange person can help.
‘Well, my Grandmother took mine and I am having problems getting it back. She loves to collect such items.She is unwell, I am going to see her.’

‘Ah, the generation gap. I will share a secret’. Blue Hood loved secrets.

“I am an expert hacker  and as you can see, I have such big eyes, such big ears, and such a big loud mouth with such big teeth, I can get you your  tablet’.

‘But, I can’t pay you’.
‘Oh that, your Grandmother , will’ and he smiled with a wicked sneer.

An appointment with Grandmother was arranged.
Together, Blue and  Wolfy began their journey to Grandmother’s house.

When they reached Grandmother’s house and went in, she at once recognized Wolfy. ‘I have seen you somewhere’
“ Grandmother Grandmother,  I ask you straightaway to give back the tablet you have taken from Blue  Hood here, she is so in blue pain without it’.

When Grandmother saw the big mouth big red eyes and the big ears, she was frightened.’Well, I did not mean to keep it, I will give it soon’.

‘No, no, before you eat the brownies, you must return the gadget or else I will leak the video I made of you, on the Cruzer bus’.

Grandmother remembered all. ‘Oh no this is the spy on coach’ ‘Oh no, I am in a fix and my own grand daughter is suffering.’

‘OK I will, open the box on the table in the corner and you will find it.’

Soon the Tablet was in Blue Hood’s hands. She smiled and her hood and cape turned into a bright red color of joy and happiness.

‘Wow, this calls for a celebration,’ exclaimed Blue Hood and started jumping.
Grandmother called Blue  Hood and  handed her a brownie. ‘Give this to your friend’.

‘Here,Wolfy, eat this and thank you’, Blue Hood smiled a joyful smile.

No sooner had Wolfy eaten the brownie when he felt dizzy and fell on the floor.He hit his head on the side of the hard iron table and was unconscious.
GrandMother had stuffed a strong sleeping pill in the brownie cake piece.

‘Call 911’ Help Police’, Quick.’

The police arrived. Grandmother and Blue Hood were saved and Wolfy was arrested and taken away  to be put in jail.


For ‘Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #81: Find Something Red ~ Shades of Red ~

 The Red in White
Oh the snow so soft and light
Murree Hills 35 kms from Capital Islamabad
A prize shot during one of the  trips 


Red is a primary color so it is visible in common and odd places, in varied seasons and at different times.Red is attractive charming and mystifying. Blood is red and called ‘cold’ though in reality it is quite warm.

These  images, captured a couple of years ago are part of a ‘chinaar’ tree in early Winter in Bani Gala, Islamabad. We had to leave the house where this beautiful tree was planted because it was sold by the owners and we tenants had no choice. I miss the ever changing colorful beauty of nature. Our present residence has no such trees, though harvest fields are close by.chinaar3

IMG_20180104_132346_412    IMG_20180104_132425_523

Over the years I found that red is children’s favorite color


pictures 063 (2)pictures 108pictures 041


One of the  most memorable photos with grandson puts a stop to further sharing

Hope my readers and viewers will enjoy the joyful red from a slice of life.

2020 ~ History Moving Under the Shadow


A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.                          Marcus Garvey

Time is moving,life is changing and the climate is taking various strong surprising and damaging forms.

2019 slipped away, but left deep scars entrenched on the hearts and souls of many.
Crushing of humans and human rights continues.

2019 was a year of creative writing. For the first time I was able to write 30 poems in thirty days in April and throughout the year wrote 12 special poems and 12 short stories. The biggest count was for The Poet by Day with more than 40 and some translated in Urdu, another first.

‘Shadows fall and I try to drive you from my mind’
I feel I grieve for my place of birth as my native land remains locked blocked and occupied. I may never be able to set foot there.

Climate Change people say, the sun is strangely red, a whole continent is engulfed in deadly fire, millions of birds and animals have breathed their last, many are suffocating dying. Humanity is restless,out on the streets by hundreds and thousands, protesting, asking for their rights,asking for what belongs to them, in vain.

‘Dark smoke’ rises, overshadows the light, eclipses the sun and the moon…is the light of peace fading away?

‘Hope is there. Come under the shadow of hope- Come under the shadow of the red rock’.
How many understand? How many change, how many move towards the best practices of care and kindness?
The very first month brings death and destruction.Coffins crowds curfews all continue and people talk of Climate Change…

    Fear not for the future, weep not for the past.           Percy Bysshe Shelley

Why we laughed, why we sang, then why we cried,
silently in pain we suffered, in the remains,
and the stories continued, told, retold, as lands
were sold-
and rivers ran dry, who will care? who cares?
walking failing drifting falling
Look Beware’
The crown on the statue looks fixed
studded freedom-
and we were so innocent playing games,jumping ropes
and reading white and blue, and all that was red

And we should have known, blacking,
slavery is not dead,
come under the shadow of the rock, you will find
flowers, silently growing, receiving showers,
touch not the forbidden
but seek the Unseen, The Hidden

Come to success, come to salvation.

2020 © Anjum Wasim Dar

2019 ~ Glorious Sunset ~2020~ Mourning Morning ~ In a Parrots World ~

IMG-20191124-WA0003With profound joy filled with sadness,wishing farewell to time, not old not new but more glorious, hopeful colorful and peaceful. December glad tidings festive days and nights of celebration, gratitude and greetings.

The world talks of peace togetherness love and brotherhood, but no sooner than the fireworks spreading stars sparks and embroidering the night sky with multicolored shiny streaks and bursts are over, then out come the other firearms.The warm blood filled with love care and closeness, bleeds like rivers on the roads…shouts of joy and jubilation turn to screams of mourning. Oh Humanity wither dost thou wish to head ?

2020 is number 4 ~ a number denoting ‘change,life to start all over again and again’ but are we so weakened with hate and so strengthened with revenge that nothing but Death is in sight?

Let us not call the days that are the same, The New Year’ I feel we are like the parrot who learns words and repeats them without any reason or understanding. Kill or be killed ‘ prayers become ineffective and untrue. Do we really wish for peace?

No, maybe the parrot is more peaceful in the cage, feeding on sunflower seeds and peanuts and some water… our guest for a few more days as owners travel abroad-
his soft whistles bird sounds and mimicry of many other household sounds including the ‘hello’ bring joy ~     Thank you Birdie you are so innocent and yet we keep you caged ~ did you annoy anyone ever ?
But rightly you have been named Captain -you do remind me of Long John Silver’ maybe we shall find a treasure chest soon’
So let’s close our story here,to be continued God willing Insha allah- I will ponder on Shakespeare’s quote meanwhile…The Lord is Most Gracious Most Merciful    and loves to Forgive…








“My words fly up, my

thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never to heaven go.”





2020 ~ Time, Temperature and Turmoil ~Writing Leads to Survival ~


Last sunset or the first sunrise, every day seems the same.This day too shall pass.
Schools will open, traffic will move on the road children will go to their  class.

T.S.Eliot wrote
“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.” ―

2019 proved to be a year of poetry stories and lots of successful creative writing opportunities, but at the same time climate changes surprised humanity, turmoil prevailed in many lands, refugees were forced to flee and human rights were crushed mutilated and trampled depriving millions of human beings of the right to live an honorable safe life. Those in power showed madness in manner which unfortunately had a brutal method in it’.
I lost my place of birth -Srinagar in Kashmir.I have no hope now of ever returning to set foot on native soil.
Freedom Freedom we want freedom’ the cry in free countries sounds extremely strange and scary. Turmoil fear and unrest overtakes young people as the existence itself is at stake.
who owns the land? the Creator’ where do we go after we breathe our last? in the soil, mixing with it till the time to rise again will be…

Looking back writing’ helped to stay calm, to remain occupied in meaningful activity, to make friends and build a virtual friendly joyful community ~
Thank you All-

Wishing you All a Peaceful Joyful successful Happy New Year 2020

For Lens – Artists Photo Challenge # 77 ~ Favorite Photos of 2019 ~ A Tribute to The Talented ~

2019 has been ‘ A Year of Poetry, Stories and Challenges’ 

Honoring the Gifted and the Gracious  POETS & WRITERS  Who  inspired motivated supported  and promoted powerful  ‘Poetry, Writing and  Short Stories

For  Freedom  Human Rights  Equality  Justice  Peace   &  Environment

Respected   G. Jamie Dedes
The Poet By DayJAMIE2The
Bezine  Online
California USA




Respected Mr Paul Brookes    Wombwell  Rainbow Interviews
 Yorkshire      UK


Respected All at Poets United  USA  Canada

No photo description available.


Respected Mia Joubert Botha
12 Stories in 12 Months   12 Poems in 12 Months
Pretoria   South  Africa


Lens – Artists   Photo   Challengers      USA  Sweden

Respected :  Amy    P.A.Moed     Ann Christine Leya        Tina R Schell

Respected Sue  Vincent     Daily Echo, Write Photo  Prompt   UK


napofeature4    30 Poems in 30 Days

NAPOWRIMO    National Poetry Writing Month   April    2019     USA

Ger O Neill   Group                For Mindful Writing                Ireland


NANOWRIMO        National  Novel Writing Month          November   2019        USA

December  Special   2019

Mbizo  Chirasha


Founder  Curator  Poet /Writer, for Freedom Peace  &  Justice
Miombo  Publishing    Arica

                                                      THANK  YOU   ALL

                                                    Happy  New  year     2020

Favorite Fotos




IMG_20190725_201850treepicraysaraIMAGE_50616178516_10154945375305747_8800834895617087772_o10906499_10152974782475747_641098328553705442_ncat on roof


For Lens-Artist ~ Amy Ji ~ Challenge # 76 ~ On Display’~ The Extraordinary in Pakistan ~

Sunday the 15th of December  2019
The day we drove in a jeep from Islamabad to Sialkot famous for its industries and the Greatest Tank Battle with India at Chawinda in 1965. Just a day before I had read the Challenge for this week…’On Display’, I was excited for this trip would enable me to take shots of the popular roadside  ‘Displays’ and I am happy to share the results here…

Map of Sialkot     Image result for chawinda

Sialkot is a city situated in the north-east of the Punjab province in Pakistan at the feet of the snow-covered peaks of Kashmir near the Chenab river.
Formerly, has been the winter-capital of the State of Kashmir.”Sal-kot Shakil Nagri” derived from the name of the king of Sialkot known as “Raja Salban” who ruled 5000 years ago. 230 kms from Islamabad the journey  takes 5 hours.
Sialkot produces different types of goods for  export: Leather,  Surgical and Sports goods.
Its hand stitched  footballs are famous worldwide for their excellent quality.

9 a.m. A few kms on the Grand Trunk Road aka G.T.Road we met heavy fog.

Fresh Fruit: Guavas are  always an irresistible attraction.Farmers display their cart fulls on the roadside. We stopped to buy some.

The drive made me sleepy. In that dozing state I was suddenly awakened by  a loud excited call ‘Ammi,we have something for your display article.’  This is what I saw and loved it.


Next stop for our display photography was Sarai Alamgir, a place famous for King George Royal Military College now known as Pakistan Military College. Our Journey gifted us these images from the roadside shops.

Household items made of Hard Straw (Called ‘Kana’ in local language )


Elegant Graceful Colored and Decorated Clay Vases


A  Brief Stop at a Bakery – Discovered The World of Treats


The Day Long Journey added to unforgettable memories. Return journeys are always quiet and so ended another memorable trip. For our Display Theme I would like to return to Islamabad Serena Hotel and share with my friends, some shots which I had taken  at a ‘family lunch’ occasion , and here comes the Chance for ‘Display’~ Respected Amy Ji, these shots are specially for you’…


Fresh Tomato Salad  ~ ~ ~  Serena Hotel Islamabad

A Plateful of Dessert


And finally  a place  for entertainment ~

 ‘Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter’ John Keats

For Lens Artist Tina R Schell’s Challenge # 75 ~ Nostalgic ~ Doors and Gates’ ~

Light through my window

Numerology  is a vital part of one’s life. We plan our time events and important days with the help of calendars. Each and every moment, hour, day and night is life in calculation.What a strange coincidence of numbers stood out as I went through the albums looking for photographs that reflected the Topic’ Nostalgic’,  best. The second unique revelation was the ‘focus ‘ of the matching images, as  ‘Doors’ and Gates’ remind us of the days gone by and memories are stored behind them.
Three houses we lived in were marked #8  – (17,71,8)

Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days.

                                               Doug Larson

1950s-This first image was captured as we were passing by the house where I spent nine years of my childhood. The house # 24 – Willoughby Road has the earliest memories of starting school, in fact starting life in a new country.I never knew at that time the tragic history of the Great Divide and Migration.

24 willbygate

1960s-  H/No: 17-Central Road Abbottabad  Northern Province of Pakistan
In service the stations keep changing.From Rawalpindi to Abbottabad the first time this beautiful fairy tale house was our residence for two years. Unforgettable time , experiencing the joys of all seasons, picnics, fruits. trees, and above all peace and happiness of family life.


1965- Indo-Pak War Time–  Moving from Abbottabad to the  Gilgit Baltistan in the Northern Areas and then back to a Non Family station Kharian Punjab, we had to make do for a few years in this house #71  / A-  in Rawalpindi, for completing school years. This photograph is Courtesy of a cousin sister visiting Pakistan from Canada (after 32 years) She paid a visit to the house and found herself drenched in tears and nostalgia and we all shared the loving and tragic memories of those days. The #26 written boldly is again a
coincidence, it adds up to 8 (2+6)

IMG-20191205-WA0017 (1)

1968–# 12. Kakul Road- Back to Abbottabad. Father’s official residence as Commanding Officer of the Combined Military Hospital  and a return of picnics,amazing seasons, snowfall, pine scented trees, military pipe band music and parades. Marriages and new arrivals. Happy memories. Highly nostalgic. A grand elegant professional time with family and friends.Unforgettable. Nostalgia prevails as I write this post.

13015487_10154123396840747_8020389055332100601_nMany more years went by. Memories grew as life took us to other cities but came to settle in this house in Rawalpindi in  1989.A turning point when one finds oneself a responsible person of the family, illness and loss of parents and separation from one’s own children. The joys return when grandchildren arrive, yet again to build new nostalgic memories.
‘We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun’ House No 73 A/1



This was nostalgia in the literal Greek sense: the pain of not being able to
return to one’s home and family.                                                        John Thorn

2003– A short five month stay in  Paignton Close, Aspley , Nottingham. We bought a
small house and planned to live there, but circumstances made the change.
Experienced time as reading some pages of History,saw fireworks for the last ‘Guy Fawkes Day’ in England, visited the historic Nottingham Castle,stood  with Robin Hood’s statue, walked through the mud built cafe inside the castle walls on Christmas eve. It was like being Alice in Wonderland,with tinkling glasses soft whispers and an aroma of wine and coffee. I felt as if I would see Robin Hood appearing suddenly…nostalgic classic comics reading sessions in school days.


robin hood

Merry Christmas ‘ the lights said, ‘a lovely treat a dream come true.The Almighty made it possible for me to see what I used to read in story books’ Miracles happen and will keep happening. ‘Silent Night Holy Night’

‘Joy to the World’…for me this was a miracle’

For Lens-Artist Photo Challenge # 74 ~ By P.A. Moed ~ Abstract ~ From Kiawah to Pakistan ~




‘On earth are Signs for those whose Faith is certain. And also in yourselves. Will you not then see? The Quran 51 : 20-21

Accepting the Unique Challenge by Lens Artist P.A. Moed and Inspired by Lens Artist  Tina R Schell’s  Fantastic Work  I wish to share a photograph of a glorious sunset scene in the capital city Islamabad of my country Pakistan. The photograph was taken on  Sunday evening, the 24th of November 2019 respectively.
I have tried the  digital technology techniques to show  Abstract Artistic variations of one single image.The inspiration comes from Lens Artist Tina Schell’s magnificent work.

A personal touch in this post goes back to my college years when desiring to be a Fine Art student I had taken up the subject along with Geography and Psychology. My Principal called me  and told me that it would be too much practical work maybe for my own good future I should rethink and change one practical subject. I was asked to make a choice between Fine Arts and Geography and given two weeks to decide. After only a week of attending classes I had given up Fine Arts.I have never regretted my decision, and I remain grateful to my most gracious Guide (Late) Dr Kaneez Fatimah Yusuf  P.G. Govt. College for Women 6th Road Rawalpindi Pakistan.
I have a lot of art work to my credit by the Grace of the Almighty. Follow the given link to view it on Bookrix.com

In the mind of every artist there is a masterpiece. Kai Greene

Pencil Gray scale

bw4 (10.jpg


Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.         Leonardo da Vinci


© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar

Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings.      Agnes Martin


© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar

Mosaic  Bubbles

mos4© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar


Line Drawing

line© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar


Light Screen

light4.jpg© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar

Cross Etching

crisscross etching.jpg© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar


Plastic Wrap

plastic wrap.jpg© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar


Glow Edges

glow45.jpg© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar


The Original Sunset View -Bani Gala Islamabad  .     Camera  HUAWEI  P10 Lite 

IMG_20191124_170301sunset.jpg© 2019 Anjum Wasim Dar

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.          Ansel Adams

Lens Artist Challenge # 73 ~ Cold ~ By Tina R. Schell ~ Snowfall was a Joyful Cold Surprise ~



A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky – unbidden –
and seems like a thing of wonder.           
Susan Orlean

Life kept me mostly in the Northern Areas of the Indo Pak Subcontinent Pakistan  but not in a snowfall area. Though born in a city of snowfall called Srinagar it was never destined to see my growth, nor I to see its  occupation by the enemy. Allah saved us from the torture pain and  agony of  separation from native soil. Our elders suffered and that was terrible. Now that city has a new name and I have a Lost and Missing Identity. But I love my present place adopted by my grandparents  and I pray for it.
Winters are cold and Summers quite  hot  Autumn  has its own grace and Spring is beautiful with blooming gardens  but no snowfall.

This day was a rare one, when a sudden snowfall was a joyful surprise and a rare photograph taken on the terrace of a house, now no longer ours. We have a treasure of  unforgettable memories.
For Tina Ji’s Challenge  Cold, I finally decided to share this personal photograph and a poem I wrote with it. So here it is for this week…Dear Friend Tina and All my Reader Friends.


Oh The snow still and soft

Soberly silently white

Clean and fresh lying there

People stepping around

with care

Loving its touch

Liking it much

Feeling extremely cold

But trying to be bold

Splashing and swishing

Branches bowing down low

Bearing the apparently

soft burden

Oh people passing close

The smoky breaths

The noses so red

Hands in gloves

Scarves round the head

The huddled looks

The long boots

The misty screens

All is white –no green.

Indoor hands facing the fire

Everyone in warm attire

Oh of what does one think

A cozy bed and a hot drink.