In the afternoon, trying to beat the heat, ok I sat in front of the open terrace door, straining to catch a passing whiff of cool air. I had to finish the Chapter of the Holy Book before the hour. Right in front I could see the pink and purple blossoms gently swaying from time to time, telling me that Nature had created enough air for all to breathe. It is so strange that we are unable to see the Creator’s Blessings abounding all around.

While I was trying to read I was also conscious of the flowers, the trees and a cry or two of the afternoon black birds. How close is Nature and how far we keep drifting…

My heart and soul urged me to stop reading and offer a prayer of gratitude which I did, but then I found myself saying, “Oh Lord if You have heard me, though I know You have for You are the All Knowing …perhaps You may give a sign “.

Do you realize what you are saying for a moment the mind stopped me but I continued perhaps the flowers that I see on the trees will come inside?

Hey who do you think you are?
And so I finished the chapter and shut the door as it was growing dark and the electricity had  been restored.

Next morning when I went in the lounge I saw a beautiful bouquet of pink and white flowers. My husband had gone to meet his younger brother a very senior officer of a local bank.It was a dinner meeting with other officers. On the way back my brother in law gave the bouquet ‘Here take this home’ for I will be leaving by the first flight tomorrow’

I knew then who had sent the flowers inside. A miracle only I knew.
(The trees outside our house have pink and purple flowers while the creeper that grows on the neighbors wall grows ‘white ones’)

Allah says: “It is Allah who sends the winds, and they stir the clouds and spread them in the sky however He wills, and He makes them fragments so you see the rain emerge from within them. And when He causes it to fall upon whom He wills of His servants, immediately they rejoice.” (Qur’an, 30:48)

galaxy pics vids 193

The watchful eye in the  clouds


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